Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 5: This man is too beautiful

The HR manager looked at Elaine’s shocked expression, inhaled, and expressed his understanding. Then advised, “Comrade Elaine, I can understand your current mood, when I found out about this decision, I was more shocked than you. Go ahead, the 29th floor is waiting for you.”

“Oh, oh.” Elaine blinked and scratched her scalp, then walked drearily outwards. Emmett Smith, President Smith… The group’s leader…

What, what, what concept was this? Taking the elevator absentmindedly and reached level 29.

When Elaine, who was wearing a snow-white pleated skirt and a pink t-shirt, stood at the secretariat area, she immediately caught everyone’s attention!

One by one, the scrutiny eyes were all shooting towards Elaine. Elaine stood there in a stiff manner, not knowing where to put her hands. A massive secretariat area… the president’s secretaries alone had so many people… a concentration of elites!

“Little lass, who are you looking for?” A woman in her thirties asked first, pushing her gold-rimmed glasses.

“I, I came to find President Smith…” Swoosh---! The two words, President Smith, shocked everyone!

Some were thinking: it couldn’t be, President Smith has an interest in this kind of high schooler?

Elaine couldn’t take the scrutiny any longer, she awkwardly said, “Well… I’m President Smith’s temporary assistant…”