Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 4: CEO’s Assistant

After hanging up the phone, Elaine thought she was hallucinating. A high schooler like her could actually receive a big company’s interview notice? Hahahaha… Just now, the HR manager said which company? Oh, Tianyi Group.

“Sounds familiar, heck care, anyway I’m going for an interview, oh yeah!” Elaine jumped around happily.

Because of her beauty, intelligence, and eloquence, Ellie found a job at a fast-food restaurant. Everything this girl did was better than her, her sweet mouth, and foxy looking appearance, a lot of guys like her. Just a few days in the fast-food restaurant, two of the other part-timers were already making a move on her. According to Ellie, half the tasks were snatched away by the two guys, and she was like enjoying her comfortable time in the restaurant.

Hmph! Elaine’s eyes became fiery and were clenching her fist! Ellie, you just wait! Your sister is going to strike back hard this time! I will absolutely win you this time.

The next day, Elaine dressed up slightly and took the bus to Tianyi Group.

“Wow… this building is so high that there are dozens of levels, and aren’t those at the higher level afraid? Aren’t they afraid of a re-enactment of 911?” Elaine stood below, shielding her eyes with her hands, straining her neck looking up. Several white-collar workers walked by her, disdainful of her blank look.

Suddenly, a group of people walked towards her, they were escorting the tall man in the middle. He was wearing a lilac shirt, straight yet imposing, with a beige trench coat over, overall, he looked classy and dignified. Sadly, she couldn’t see his face as it was wearing a sunglass so large, it covered half his face.

“Lips are thin, it is said that people with thin lips are cruel and indifferent.” Elaine noticed his mouth from a few meters away and secretly defined it. The bodyguard escorted the eye-catching man into the building, unsure if it was Elaine illusion, that person who walked by her, stopped and turned, giving Elaine a look.