Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 2: I Like It

He was not just scaring anybody. His temper was terrible, though he has managed to maintain his elegance and noble in front of the public. Only his friends knew that he was, in fact, the most murderous.

The little girl straightened her face, looked at him with misty eyes, and then giggled a few times before leisurely saying, “You’re so beautiful, you look so good…”

Boom... Just because of her blunt adjectives broke a string deep in his heart. The desire to throw this clingy stranger away gradually dropped the temperature.

“You’re drunk. Let go of your hand!” Despite that, she continued clinging to his waist, and her whole body and chest were sprawling on him. With the two clumps of ‘meat’ against him, it was making him irritable.

She squinted her eyes, her glamourous red lips pouted, and started mumbling shamelessly, “Sleep me, sleep me, sleep me... I want to sleep with a celebrity! Sleep, sleep together...”

“This child, where is the adult from your family? Not coming to intervene! I warn you, if you provoke me again, there is nothing I don’t dare to do! Get lost while I’m still rational!” His breathing started to heat up. Maybe it was because she was hugging too tight, and the friction was causing him to heat up. Or maybe, it was her soft body that was arousing his lust… Or perhaps, it was her soft-spoken words “sleep me” that ignited his desire to conquer.

Anyway, his throat began to dry, and his adam’s apple started moving up and down. His belly tightened, and somewhere started becoming hot, a massive fire was ignited below. His self-control was considered very good. He was tangled with a woman for so long, yet he could still maintain a gentleman’s attitude.

“Haha, I… the college entrance examination is over, I finally got through it, I am free! Cheers!” Baring her little white teeth, smiling foolishly, the girl was saying drunken words, and with her arms raised to gesture cheers, a small hand slapped on her face, and with a frown, her body slipped down.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” He hugged the soft body and glanced over her small face, eh, this girl, did she fall asleep? She’s really… very reassuring. Just like that, with no one beside her, and in the arms of an unknown man… and, nevertheless, a young and hot-blooded man full of surging male hormones. He was holding her and looking around to see if anyone she was familiar with was looking this way.