Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 626: You Are Just My Younger Sister

Felicia stomped, walking towards the corridor anxiously.

What did the woman say? A temptress? Hitting on Timothy?

Who was that temptress?

Felicia’s eyes reddened in anxiety.


Two gangsters saw Felicia coming over, looking anxious.

They blocked her way. “Excuse me, Ms. Schultz. Where are you going?”

“Move! I’m going to find Timothy.”

“You can’t go in there, Ms. Schultz.”

“Can’t you understand me? I said I was going to find Timothy. Why? Do you want to stop me? You have death wishes, don’t you?”

Felicia had been spoiled since she was little, so she was always arrogant and short-tempered. She only behaved herself in Timothy’s presence.

Once she blew up, the two gangsters were scared.

“Felicia, why are you blowing up on them?”

She heard a voice above her head.

Felicia immediately looked up. “Timothy!”

Timothy winked at the two gangsters, who instantly stepped away.

“Weren’t you in the garden? Why did you come back? It’s so noisy here.”

Timothy gestured at Armand, who was on the other end of the corridor, and looked down at Felicia.

“Where have you been, Timothy?” Felicia hugged his waist tightly as if Timothy was her exclusive belonging.

“Let go of me, Felicia. We’re in public. It’s not proper.” Timothy pulled her arms away indifferently.

Felicia looked over at the corridor and asked with bulged cheeks, “Have you been in there?”

“Yes. I went to the restroom.”

“Did you go in there with a woman?”

Timothy frowned and answered flatly, “Nope.”

“But others told me they saw you go in with a woman. They said she was a temptress.”

“Who’s so nosy? How dare they spread rumors! You’ve been deceived. I went there alone.”

“I don’t buy it. Humph! I’ll go in to check it out myself.”

As she spoke, Felicia was going into the corridor.

Timothy didn’t stop her. He walked in another direction and said, “Go ahead. Find the woman. If you can even find an eighty-year-old woman, I will reward you with a house.”