Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 624: A Mess

Rylee let out a hollow laugh.

She was scared.

In her mind, the scene that Timothy pinched her neck with a spooky smile and broke her neck popped in her mind.

She didn’t want that to happen at all. The way of death was too ugly. She’d rather die with a whole body.

Rylee made several wild guesses in a few seconds.

Timothy exhaled. He bent over and sprayed his hot breath on her face. Gritting his teeth, he said, “I do wish to open your skull and take a look at your brain.”

“What? No way. What have I done wrong? Why do you hate me so much? I can change. Don’t open my skull. I’ll die. If I try hard, I can be very obedient. I promise I’ll be more obedient.”

Rylee curled her lips with a bitter look, staring at Timothy pitifully.

The gangster leader was always moody, as rumors said

Sure enough, Timothy was indeed grumpy.

He always wanted to end others' lives.

In anger, Timothy looked away, feeling helpless. He looked at Rylee and growled, “Can you be more stupid?”


Why did he think she was stupid?

Rylee held Timothy’s waist with her hands. Since she couldn’t move, her arms could. She begged pitifully, “I’m stupid. I’m indeed stupid. I’m more stupid than a hog. Timothy, please don’t open my skull. I can learn. Really. What have I done to offend you? Please tell me. I will change.”

She decided not to beg him for the exclusive interview. Her life was in danger already, so she wouldn’t have any energy to think about other things.

Timothy wanted to speak but couldn’t. He heaved a sigh and said, “Alas... You... Everything of you offends me.”


That was way too serious.

She couldn’t reassemble her body parts, could she?

“I know you always dislike me. But I can’t do anything. I’m already like this. I’m quite pitiful already. Please have mercy on a pitiful woman.”

Rylee moved her hands on Timothy’s body up and down as usual as she spoke.

It felt like she was touching him, rubbing him, and arousing him.

Timothy took a deep breath, feeling extremely hot. He grabbed her hands, lifted them, and pressed them above her head.

Rylee wondered why her posture had been changed.

She bit her bottom lip, looking at Timothy in fear.

Timothy’s muscled body clung to hers tightly.

Different from his, her body was soft and boneless.

Waves of a woman’s scent kept spreading to him.

It smelt refreshed, attractive, and enchanting.