Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 621: Thinking of Him During a Kiss

It was the same when she was kissing Mr. Wheeler. She always felt suffocating.

She wondered why she suddenly thought of Timothy.

How could she think about another man while kissing her beloved man?

It was way too weird.

Manfred looked at Rylee’s eyes blankly, feeling a bit upset. “Why have you been frowning since just now?”

“What? Am I?”

Rylee was shocked.

How could she frown when kissing Manfred?

She didn’t know it.

Manfred’s finger stroked between her eyebrows gently and pressed it. “It’s always furrowed here.”

“Really?” Rylee lowered her head shyly.

Manfred heaved a sigh. “Did I act too rashly? I forced you before you were ready, didn’t I? I’m sorry...”

“Please don’t be sorry...”

Rylee lowered her head shyly, daring not to look at his face.

“I want to gain your heart. I hope you can accept me and agree to be with me whole-heartedly. I’ll wait for that day to come.”

Manfred sprayed hot breath in Rylee’s ear. He hugged her.

Rylee’s face was pressed on his chest, but her mind was in a mess.

She liked Manfred a lot. He gave her a feeling of her mother and a home. But she wondered why she felt a bit reluctant when he kissed her just now. She even thought of fleeing away.


“I’ll give you a few minutes. Tidy yourself up. I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

Manfred was also shy. He rushed downstairs.

Rylee licked her lips and looked at herself in the mirror. Covering her face, she said, “Oops... I’m so lame. Why wasn’t I more active when kissing Manfred just now? Stupid me!”

She fixed her hair and put a hairpin on the back of her head. Her hair on both sides hung over her shoulders.

“That’s it. I don’t need to do anything else.”

Rylee approached the mirror and checked her face.

Her lips were too red and swollen.

It seemed they were bitten violently.

She felt so shy.