Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 618: So It's for Her

“This?” Rylee shook the crossbow in her hand. “It's in the cupboard. I just take it and try it on. Well, it's okay. The arrow shot was accurate.”

As soon as Armand was about to scold Rylee for touching the boss' things at will, he heard Rylee whispering to herself quietly.

“Timothy said that he wanted to give me this thing as present, but it’s not fun to play. I don’t want it. I can just come and play with it occasionally. If I take it back, if someone else sees it, I would be misunderstood for keeping a lethal weapon, right? Armand?”

Armand almost bit his tongue.

Boss, boss, how can you make commitment so casually?

How could you just give the crossbow away? The crossbow had a history.

Didn't you almost break Mr. Keith’s arm when he tried to touch this crossbow?

Why, everything was different when involving this Rylee?

Armand stammered, “That...you call our boss by the name of...”


Rylee was stunned, patted her lap, and jumped off the table, “I don't want to call him Timothy! I don’t want to be that rude! But he is not happy when I call him mister or old man. He wants me to call him by his name. I am also very confused.”

Well, Armand was completely speechless.

Facts have proved that this Rylee still cannot be offended.

“Ms. Carroll, our boss has an urgent business to deal with, so he set off first. Before he left, he had given specific order and wanted me to send you back to school safely. Let's go, miss, I will send you back to school.”

Rylee's eyes widened. “He's gone? How could he leave me? I haven't gotten an answer from him! Was he avoiding me on purpose?”

“No, our boss really has important business to deal with. The boss said that he will consider what you've asked for carefully, and he will give you an answer tomorrow.”

Rylee curled her lips, “Well, isn't it just a trivial matter of making a phone call? What's there to consider about? It's just an excuse!”

Rylee put the precious crossbow on the table casually and walked outside.

Armand's eyelids throbbed.

Rylee walked out of Timothy's office and pushed her mountain bike out.

But Armand held it down. “You can't ride it back!”

“Why?” Rylee looked defensive. “What are you going to do with my bike?”

Sell it?

“The boss told me to take you back, and I must drive you back to school personally.”

“What about my bike?”

“I will send it back to school in the afternoon.”

“That’s so troublesome for you. I can just ride it back. I can ride it over here, just as I can ride it back.”

“Our boss won't agree with this!”

In fact, the boss was worried about her.