Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 597: Forcible Kiss

Timothy was so short-tempered and easy to blow up. His means were ruthless. He was so powerful. Rylee couldn’t imagine how miserable she would die since she had hit him.

Now, he had promised her, so she believed that she would not only be safe but also be protected by him.

Timothy followed her, feeling awkward and helpless.

It was challenging to guess what a woman thought.

When Armand rushed over, he almost bumped into Kenneth’s back, who was hidden in a corner.

“Jesus Christ! Mr. Keith, why are you hiding here? I almost thought you were a rock and stepped on it.”

Kenneth widened his eyes. “Bullsh*t! I’m so big-sized. How could I be a rock? Are you hinting you are taller than me? You just want to belittle me. Humph!”

Armand wiped his cold sweat away and asked again, “Mr. Keith, why are you hiding here?”

Kenneth heaved a sigh, “Armand, you came so fast. Hurry up. Let’s mourn the fall of our hero.”

Armand was startled. “What happened to Boss?”

He wondered if Timothy was in danger.

Kenneth pulled out a handkerchief as if he was about to wipe off his tears. “Timothy, my hero! He was so obedient to a little chick now. God! You are too cruel!”

Armand breathed a sigh of relief. He snorted, “Gee. Mr. Keith, stop it. It’s normal. All heroes will fall into beauties’ hands. If a hero doesn’t fall, he’s not a true hero.”

After finishing remarking, Armand walked over with his hands behind his back.

Kenneth bared his teeth. “Brat, how dare you speak to me like that? Think you are the only educated man, huh?”

Daphne was sent to the hospital and put on a drip.

The doctor said she was all right. It was just a shock of cerebral ischemia caused by emotional tension.


Brook and Deborah were sent home.

Caroline and Andrea stayed in the ward, watching Daphne.

Andrea asked in confusion, “Caroline, why did that legendary man, Timothy Wheeler, care so much about Rylee’s injury?”

Caroline squinted while thinking about that as well. “He’s such a superior man, so I don’t think he would have a crush on Rylee. I guess it must have something to do with Mr. Keith.”

“Mr. Keith? What did it have to do with him?”

“Think about it. Rylee didn’t sing very well, but why did Mr. Keith donate so much money? Obviously, he wanted to back her. Mr. Keith is Timothy Wheeler’s close friend. Mr. Keith’s girlfriend was injured, so Timothy Wheeler was angry.”

Andrea nodded. “Ehn. That makes sense. Caroline, I’m so scared. Rylee, the bitch, will bully us once Mr. Keith has become her backer.”

Caroline rolled her eyes. “Let’s avoid conflicts with her recently. We'll observe her relationship with Mr. Keith first.”

“Ehn. Caroline, you are so smart.”