Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 596: Promise Me You Won’t Take it to Your Heart

If Timothy wanted to do something, the deputy mayor didn’t think he could stop him in any way.

He only wished that he could survive.

“You were fine at noon, but shortly after you came back to campus, your arm was disabled. What happened?” Timothy asked with obvious displeasure.

Rylee corrected him in a low voice, “Mr. Wheeler, my arm isn’t disabled yet.”

Timothy gritted his teeth in anger.

He just wished Rylee, the silly girl, to shush.

He turned to cast a helpless glance at Rylee.

The latter flinched and dared not utter a beep again.

Timothy rubbed his eyebrows, in quite an elegant manner to be honest. He asked, “What happened to your arm? If none of them has witnessed what happened... It’s alright. I like to do things fairly. Since this girls’ arm has been injured, I would like every one of you to have a disabled arm, just like her.”

Others inhaled.

They couldn’t believe what they had heard.

How could this gorgeous man speak such ruthless words with a smile?

He asked them all to disable an arm.

Timothy straightened his suit and stood upright. His slender shape looked so amazing. With an aloof look, he said in a heartless tone, “My men would start helping you disable your arms now. They might be a bit rude. Please don’t mind...”

A girl rolled her eyes in fear.

Another student blacked out directly.

“I know! I know what happened!” a boy answered while raising his hand, just like a student in class about to answer a question.

Timothy looked at him expressionlessly and said, “Go ahead.”

“During the rehearsal, the plastic lamp fell on Rylee’s arm. That’s all.”

The boy’s voice kept trembling. Evidently, he was so frightened.

Timothy raised his brows and squinted, “Armand, find me the person who’s in charge of the props.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Armand waved at the bodyguards. More than a dozen muscular men trotted out.

Daphne shivered in Caroline’s arms, her upper and lower teeth clicking.

Seeing that Daphne paled and couldn’t breathe, Caroline whispered, “Daphne, what happened to you? Are you alright? Don’t scare me.”