Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 550: What He's Torn About

Rylee puffed up her cheeks and screamed regardless, “What the hell is wrong with you, old man. You’re as assiduous as a school counsellor, but you are not satisfied with my apologies. Don’t you just want to kill me? Then come on! Come on! Do it!”

Rylee shouted, even tilting her head towards Timothy as if calling him to chop her head off.

Timothy couldn’t help but laugh out.

Before he could speak, Rylee suddenly jumped up and stomped Timothy’s shoe, then raised her arm to hit Timothy on the chin. After that, she turned around and ran away like a squirrel.

She panicked as she ran away.

Rylee was running in the direction of Armand.

Kenneth widened his eyes in disbelief.

Gosh, what had he just seen? The greatest warrior, Timothy Wheeler, had taken a beating?

Who was Timothy?

He was a warrior with extraordinary powers!

He could even take out dozens of special forces soldiers with his bare hands!

Had that naive girl just beaten up Timothy just now?

“Hey! Damn girl! You, uppity brat! Do you know who you hit? You want your ancestors to get killed?”

Kenneth shouted behind Rylee.

“Her ancestors have long died.” Timothy corrected Kenneth with a smirk.

Kenneth froze, “You’re right.”

Only after saying that did he think of another problem and shouted over to Armand, “Armand! Stop that brat! Get her!”

The girl was running in the direction of Armand.

Armand was just about to make his move, but he saw Timothy raise his right hand to keep him from moving. So, Armand pretended to be a passer-by again and watched Rylee ran past him.

“Hey! Boss! What’s wrong with you! Why didn’t you let Armand catch her? Why let her go?” Kenneth was so anxious that he was stamping his feet and scratching his head.

When he looked up at the tall and powerful Timothy, he saw that the boss had a slight smile on his face.

‘No way! Is the boss smiling?’

Timothy narrowed his eyes, looking at the fading figure of Rylee, gently opened his mouth, “She looks like a middle school student.”

“Oh… What? Boss, what did you just say?”

Kenneth picked his ears and looked askance at Timothy.

Only then Timothy turned to look at Kenneth, flicked his index finger at Kenneth’s forehead and said, “Will you die if you don’t speak?”

Kenneth looked aggrieved, “Boss, I haven’t even spoken at this point. It’s only you nagging with that brat.”