Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 526: You Dare Mess with the Boss’ Woman?

Kayden sighed as he scolded himself for mellowing out. Usually, he could not give less of a crap about what would happen to those girls. However, he actually felt bad for them just now, as they were going to die when they were only as young as Ellie. Out of his newly-found compassion, he blurted out some words along the lines of ‘I’m going to have fun with you next time’ so that Thompson would not turn the girls inside out, probably.

With a cigarette in his mouth, he realized that he must not cling to his current state, where he related basically everything with Ellie. Even when he was at a nightclub, he was comparing all of the girls that he met with Ellie, and still pushed them away just as things were about to get spicy.

He shut his eyes all of a sudden, but he could still see Ellie’s young, pretty face in his mind. The face where its most common emotions were smug, with its wearer often straightforward and stubborn. He snapped back to reality, thinking, ‘Hold on, what’s wrong with me? How could I think of Ellie to the point where I’m dazing off in such important circumstances? There’s a fucking Mafia boss who has probably killed more people than the amount of bread that I’ve eaten throughout my whole life sitting right next to me! I’m practically asking for it at this point!’.


“I must say, you’re an immovable rock, Mr. Kayden. That was a Superstar, her blowjob techniques are among the best in the industry. She’s so good at it, I’m pretty sure she has sent a worryingly large amount of men into the cloud with that mouth of hers, you see.” Thompson said as he sipped his wine.

“To each their own, I suppose. She’s just not my type, I’m afraid,” Kayden replied in a cold tone.

“Oh, please do tell me what’s your favourite type of girls, Mr. Kayden, I’ll have my men bring them to you in no time,” Thompson asked out of curiosity.

‘Why do I need to tell you my favourite type? Can you bring me Ellie if I tell you? Can you make that bitch love me with all her heart?’ Kayden thought to himself.

The longer he thought, the more frustrated he was with himself. He pitied himself, for brushing away women that were obedient to him, for he only wanted to love this disloyal, self-centred prick of a woman. Nothing was good about Ellie, she was sassy, perverted, stubborn, smug, and worst of all, she changed partners as if they were her clothes. She was harder to deal with than her sister, Elaine. While Elaine was as dumb as a sack of bricks, she was very loyal to her husband. Meanwhile, Ellie was practically falling head over heels whenever she saw someone even remotely handsome. Clearly, with how Ellie was, she was definitely not worth Kayden’s time!

“I’d say girls that are young and pure are my favourite,” Kayden said with a shrug.

“Young…pure…” Thompson sipped his wine and muttered. His aide right next to him left the room upon hearing his boss’ words to tell the nightclub manager about his instructions.

At that moment, Kayden had no idea that the ‘self-centred prick’ that he was berating very passionately in his head was about to step into the same room as him.

When Ellie and her friends got into the nightclub, her eyes were sparkling with everything happening around her. Swinging her head around to take in the scenery, her braids were flying around like a bird on a leash.

She thought to herself, ‘Wow, this is such a high-end place, I’m pretty sure only rich people can comfortably visit this club. Scratch that…Maybe even rich people would have trouble staying afloat in this place.’ She even touched shoulders with some politician that appeared on television not too long ago. She had a bad feeling about this place, as she thought that it resembled an Italian high-class nightclub.

Ellie thought, ‘Oh my god, it really does look like one. All of the staff here are so elegant and pretty, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re actually uni students.” (And Ellie is right, the nightclub staff are all university students, particularly top students from top-of-the-line universities.)

Ellie had to hold herself back from crying right on the spot. If people were to compare her and the staff, Ellie would probably be pegged as the staff instead of the actual staff. The staff looked more like models if anything.