Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter185: Please Kindly Look for another One

In thinking about Juliana's feelings for him... Emmett found Juliana's way of loving is quite bold and straightforward, because she never concealed her love in front of him and had even chased him back to China.

It seemed that once Juliana fell in love with someone, that man had to unconditionally love Juliana in return.

Emmett was never afraid of Juliana's aggressive style. However... he was indeed worrying about Elaine.


A woman like Juliana, who had a strong background and enough powers, could secretly kill Elaine and eradicate all possible clues.

It was not the right moment to get rid of Juliana.

So Emmett had no choice but to tolerate this arrogant woman to temporarily stay beside him.

Emmett was sitting in the sofa when he was looking at Juliana calmly. He said, "Are you fine with the jet lag? Why not have more sleeping?"

Juliana smiled as she walked to the sofa and sat beside Emmett.

Her golden curly hair was coming down loosely behind her back, which made her become especially sexy.

Juliana put her arms on Emmett and said with a cute voice, "I'm waiting for you to come and call me for a dinner. But you didn't come in the end. Hi Emmett, have you forgotten me?"

Emmett pushed Juliana to a side and stood up to avoid any physical contact with her, when he said, "Ms. Juliana, how could I forget you? You are my distinguished guest with powerful Mafia behind you. I never dare to neglect you. I didn't come because I didn't want to disturb your sleeping when you were really tired."

Juliana's face became gloomy and thought to herself, 'Oh, how come your interaction with your assistant was so close when you were even having intimate touch with her. Why would you immediately run away as soon as I moved closer to you? Does that mean you dislike me and are trying to avoid me?'

"Is that assistant your lover?"

Emmett frowned and said, "No, she is not. How come you said so?"

"I find you are having special relationship and feel something happened between you two."

Emmett smiled slightly and said, "Stop kidding me. She does not deserve my love. She is just a young kid!"

"Oh, really? I could feel that she... is the special one in your heart. Am I right?"

Juliana was watching Emmett's face closely when she talked about it.

So that she could immediately capture all changes in his facial expression, if any.

However, Emmett was good at controlling his surge of emotion. He was always having a cold face. When he heard Juliana's words, his mouth corners slightly curved.

"Ms. Juliana, you are indeed good at imagination. I believe you can certainly become a good scriptwriter. I'm never short of women and I'm not that hungry that I would rather give up my girlfriend selection standard. By the way, Ms. Juliana, it seems my affairs have nothing to do with you."

Emmett's charming eye contact with her immediately blew Juliana's mind. She could no longer control her emotion and came up to pull Emmett's arms when she said coquettishly,


why I'm here in

slightly frowned. He pushed Juliana away and walked to his executive chair when he said calmly, "I'm not as clever as you

with a pair of clear eyes,

Juliana was pissed off.

Emmett, who was pretending to be innocent and knowing nothing at

who would look at her sensually and chase behind her like a bee looking for beautiful flowers, Emmett was always

he was quite cold and indifferent without any emotional surge,

her figure and her manner could never

office desk when she said while looking at Emmett, "Okay. Let me confess my love to you directly. Emmett, I'm in love with you. I

her eyebrows and arrogantly finished her talk,

cold look after she had finished for

happy or shocked? You know what you will

on Emmett's desk and stared at

still having a casual look when he raised his charming eyelids and coldly stared at Juliana. Then he said, "Mafia is too much for me. I'm not

do you mean by saying that?" Juliana raised her voice

I cannot live up to your standard. I appreciate your love.

Smith, how dare you are to reject

jumped up with


having furious eyes while Emmett was still having a calm

your offer. As I've told you, I cannot live up

the one to decide if you could really live up to my standard in the end! You have to marry me! I want

when her blue eyes were filled with

help you! I'm telling you clearly, that the man I want must become mine only! Let's just wait and

to walk to the outside angrily as soon as she

squinted and could no longer restrain his murderous intention

to the outside with an aggressive aura when she suddenly bumped

even bumped to a wall corner, which made her feel very

"Emmett is my husband. If anyone dares to


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is this guy? How arrogant she is!" Sophia said angrily when she supported Elaine to stand up. Then

us that Emmett is her

shedding tears as soon

never heard President Smith is having a foreign wife! Moreover, she is a new face that just arrived recently, isn't she? Elaine, come on. Don't bring us down. You can never

went back to her

the arrival of Juliana had caused discomfort,

she shamelessly claiming that Emmett was her

have such messy claims?' Elaine

it, the more anxious she was that she could hardly continue her video

pushed open Emmett's office door with a cup

Smith is, even after Juliana has come for him!' Elaine


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