Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter100: The Sun Is Poisonous, I Am Afraid of the Sun

Lucas drove a few laps on the streets of the city.

“Oh yes, look at me being bored! Since there’s nowhere to go, why not go straight and visit Oliver, that guy in the hospital.” He decided that, and Lucas drove the car directly to the hospital, he lifted his watch and saw that it was past nine o’clock.

“I don’t know if that kid is asleep… Let’s take a look first.” Lucas ran upstairs and saw Oliver’s assistant flirting with the little nurse along the corridor.

“Oh, every time I come, you, this kid, is flirting outside, your master doesn’t care about you anymore? Or has he just lectured you, and you’re venting your unlucky mood?” Lucas taunted at the unlucky guy.

“Master Lee, this time, you’re wrong! I’m thrilled today, our boss is in a good mood and just rewarded me with a bonus of 20,000 dollars.” When he said that, the kid deliberately patted his bulging pockets to show Lucas.

“Oh! You got lucky? Oliver, that guy, actually treated you so charitably? It’s hard to believe, you’re not lying, are you?”

The kid said with a smile, “Actually, I can’t believe it as well, but, that Miss Elaine came today, and personally made a meal for our young master. Our young master had a super satisfying dinner. After Miss Elaine left, our young master even started singing. When I went in, he immediately rewarded me with this much money.

Wow, I finally understand that this Miss Elaine’s really amazing. She can make our young master have no appetite for food and drinks and extremely moody. But at the same time, she can easily make our young master feel so blissful that he doesn’t know his directions. Master Lee, I’m regretting now, why didn’t I take the opportunity to ask the young master for more good things.”

“Oh? That girl knows how to cook something delicious? Didn’t you say that lunch has almost killed your young master? Okay, okay, I won’t listen to your nonsense, I should go in and take a look.”

Lucas pushed the door and entered. As soon as he entered, he almost fell to the ground.

“Oh, my mother, what are you doing? Are you trying to commit suicide? Hey, let me tell you in advance, if the only heir of the Young family committed suicide, there will nearly 50 over so-called relatives who will fight for the inheritance.”

He saw Oliver sitting on the window sill with his face facing out, squinting a pair of phoenix eyes, humming, and looked at the night scenery.

Oliver turned his face slowly only when he heard Lucas’s voice. He grinned at Lucas first before waving at him, and said happily, “Oh, Lucas, I miss you so much! Come, come in and take a seat. I have a lot of things to tell you about today.”

so scared that his body shook severely, luckily, he was holding on to the door frame that

okay? Oliver, I don’t have many good friends, I’ll be really sad if you’ve become mad. Of course, if you’re

angry long ago, at the very least, he would have sneered back. But today… Oliver had an excellent temper and only smiled while squinting. He placed his hand on his left chest and used a serious and exaggerated way of

yet you don’t have a chance to be in love. By the way,

about to fall out. He was frightened, “Shotgun marriage? Oliver, don’t scare me. I think it’s my turn to be hospitalized, my

this time, a nurse walked in and said softly, “Master Young, it’s time for injection, do you want to

afraid of getting injections, became extremely brave now. He jumped off the window sill, rolled up his sleeves, and said, “Nonsense! Of course, inject on the arms!

arm, and had to nod,

Oliver today was really wrong somewhere! He was like a madman! Lucas wiped the cold sweat on his head, and secretly summarized one point: Oliver’s little girlfriend was really capable! She was


up, she was rudely wakened up by

Every time, it can’t wake you up, and it’s so noisy that my head is going to explode! Let me tell you if it

lazily, and mumbled, “Why are you so agitated? Am I not your older sister? Annoying brat… Hey! Ellie Jones! You’re

the same time, “You’re too unaware, ever since you’ve

was her duty? Was it just to cook for this girl? This annoying brat! Does she really treat her as an auntie? Elaine woke up while nagging. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and while she was wiping her hair, her eyes suddenly widened, and looked in the mirror.

I get home last night? I remember I was in the park with bad-bear Smith? Why can’t I remember what happened

she got old, her memory function was horrible. Elaine cleaned herself up, yawned,

looked, wow, the road in front of her house… It became so

night? The government’s really sympathetic to

her and said, “What? We heard from the people at the construction site that it was a big boss who called the municipal government. They sent someone over to repair the road with just one phone call. This rich man is really

widened her eyes. “There’s such a good

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