Wolf President Hooks Up

Chapter 454: Almost Agreed

What did Bad-bear Smith say? Doing her a favor?

Bad-bear Smith really had no shame. He could even said such things to her.

"Emmett! We have broken up. You can't do this to me anymore! Did you hear me? We have broken up!"

Elaine shrank back but looked at Emmett's muscular chest, secretly swallowing saliva.

Damn, why was he so attractive with these sexy muscles?

Emmett's mouth twisted, revealing a wicked smile. "Indeed, but didn't you just beg me? In order for your principal not to jump off the building and commit suicide, you begged me to let him off. You even want to use your body to exchange for my help."

Emmett's charming eagle eyes flickered as he started to untie his belt.

With a crisp click, the belt buckle opened and Emmett pulled out his belt bit by bit.

Elaine's heart started to beat wildly. Her lips trembled and she stammered, "Nonsense. I didn't agree to the exchange. I refused... You can't call white black and black white. I didn't say anything about the exchange. I want to leave now. I don't want to involve in this anymore."

Emmett's expensive trousers slid down. Elaine saw the thing that was already erecting towards her. She took a deep breath and almost fainted.

Damn Emmett, he had already prepared his weapon for a long time!

Damn it!

Emmett leaned forward, his two strong arms holding on the bed on both sides of Elaine. He posited a pressing gesture towards Elaine. Elaine was so frightened that she tightened her body. She put her hands onto Emmett's chest out of distinct, trying to prevent Emmett from approaching her.

Elaine's eyes flashed helplessly. Her legs began to tremble and she couldn't use any strength.

Elaine was very clear of what Emmett could do. If he wanted to, he could do it all night long. Every time, she cried and begged him, or played with him to tire him out. Otherwise, she had to suffer longer. This guy was really energetic.


Emmett narrowed his eyes and smiled seductively as he blew hot air on Elaine's blushing face. "Baby, how can you not keep your word? You're the one who call white black and black white. You barged into my office during my work time and talked to me about saving your poor principal's ass. You beg me for this exchange. Now you didn't admit your promise. Do you know this will make me crazy? How could you? You turn a man on and refuse to take care of it. It will be very sad."

When he said the word "It", Emmett suddenly pulled Elaine's hand and placed on his thing.

Emmett felt it fiercely jumped under her hand!

Elaine was so frightened that her heart shrank fiercely. Her mind became chaotic. After three seconds, Elaine realized that this was a very inappropriate act. She quickly took back her hand.

"You! I don't want to touch you ... You are making things up. I don't agree to the exchange. I've made up my mind..."

Elaine turned around and did not dare to face Emmett's approaching handsome face.

His eyes were too attractive, and his entire face was filled with a bewitching aura. She did not dare to look at him.

rubbed Elaine body. His breath became hot. "Baby, it's bad to be a liar. You clearly wanted to exchange with me just now. You said you beg

Elaine was speechless.

exchange. She refused to do

really didn't agree

rest of Elaine's sentence was smothered by Emmett's kiss. As Elaine struggled to breathe, Emmett charged straight into the warm and sweet space

suppressed by Emmett

feel the overwhelming sensation of his hot palms stroking her skin,

her hand, but she


to resist him when he kissed her crazily. She could

Emmett finished this long kiss, Elaine was already naked. Her clothes were

appeared on his face. There was a sense

on his waist. He ordered in

pulling his trousers halfway, Elaine suddenly understood what she was doing. She immediately retreated her hand and turned to the side with a red face. "No! I don't want

a deep voice, which was extremely pleasant to hear. This kind of

angry anymore. Baby, you know how much I love you. Don't

took of the only cloth on him and pulled Elaine to face him. He bent down and kissed her, causing her to scream and dodge. He panted and kept kissing on her face randomly. Then he quietly raised her legs and put them around his waist. His waist quietly squeezed in the space between her legs. When Elaine was still focusing on avoiding his kiss, he

"It hurts..."

eyes widened and stopped her

"Baby, I love you, only you. Marry me.

At first, she thought that

her eyes and looked at Emmett. He curled his red lips

it or not, she started

that Bad-bear Smith was planning

orgasms, but Emmett didn't stop. Some of the postures were so embarrassing that she


She was no match to this

beg you, stop ... I really

She held on to his waist, pleading

all his body. His eyes were like a bloodthirsty beast and it seemed that he wasn't tired

almost done." Emmett laughed with an

and said with a

doing anything. How can you be? Baby, good girl, move your

believe anything that Bad-bear Smith as he never

body stupidly, like a tender white


You're always lying!"

Smith was the worst guy in the world... There will be no

another position, Elaine lay on the bed, panting from exhaustion. She closed her eyes for

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