Winner Takes All

Chapter 734 The Wife’s Choice

The Mysterious Man was gone.

He didn’t really leave, but he was hidden in a dark corner.

He said that he shouldn’t be too exposed to the light.

Jack was still sitting on the bench in the corridor, holding a half box of cigarettes that the Mysterious Man had handed him.

For some reasons, he had been smoking more and more those days.

At the beginning of the relationship with Amber, because she hated the smell of smoke, he once gave up smoking, but now, the distress and resentment in his heart maybe could only be exposed through the smoke.

He looked lonely, furrowing his brows.

Jack reignited a cigarette and was thinking about the matter seriously.

Of course, he understood what the Mysterious Man meant.

Now, for everyone, he was nothing but the illegitimate son of the Hughes Family’s old Master, just a bastard.

Even he had great achievements and his clan was not weaker than a wealthy Family, and anyway it was still difficult to get rid of the word “bastard”.

Dealing with the Kool Family, dealing with those secret forces, after all, was almost impossible.

He was waiting for the day of his father’s birthday when he would defeat all the successors and become, under the watchful eyes of many people, the next family head of the Hughes Family.

At that moment, he would mobilize all the forces of the Hughes Family!

Then he could be ruthless.

The Kool Family, the Bloody Angel and the other forces were much easier to deal with.

“Maybe…my Father also thinks so, right?”

Jack whispered softly, rubbing his face with both hands.

He turned to look at the ward where Amber was.

An extremely strong sense of guilt was like a sharp knife that had been heated up cutting all over his body.

If it was like the Mysterious Man said, how should he face Amber? How could he face his in-laws? And how to deal with the loss of a child?

A jumble of thoughts filled Jack’s mind like a long and dense thread.

His eyes were sometimes gloomy, sometimes violent and sometimes hollow and empty.

The momentum of the whole body changed from time to time.

In the silence.

took out the ‘Tao Te Ching’ given by the Mysterious Man and read

was like a heavy hammer hitting his

the door of a ward not far away opened

was sitting on the bench turning the pages of the scriptures. His brows twisted slightly and

That night passed quickly.

light, Isaac Wells

didn’t sleep all night, but as the sun began to rise, he moved from the corridor’s bench to the

went upstairs, he didn’t

said, “Boss, are

“Yeah, everything is packed.”

won’t be delayed. After I go back, I will arrange for her to receive more treatment. Besides, you don’t need to see me off,

word “wife”,

like a reminder to

and said, “It’s a long way,


can’t dissuade you from the blood feud for your wife and child, but I personally suggest you to hold it

frowned and looked

shrugged, “As long as the hidden great forces can avoid the Grand Freemasons’ investigation, it’s really not a wise move to rush for revenge. It’s not too late for a great man to take his revenge

knew that he could not disclose the Kool Family’s information, but he had to

speaking, Isaac waved his hand, turned and

off, he remained where he

overnight, he calmed down, but thinking

how to

were too easy to say but too

do it because of the pressure and the fear of the facing danger, even

unscrupulous and ambitious man who could afford to let

could stand on the crest

rubbed his nose,“I can be ruthless,” he murmured gloomily. “But

his emotions, Jack turned again and pushed the wheelchair to


Jack entered the ward,

was already awake and she was sitting on the bed

so early?”

was lazy like a kitten,

it was really lucky to see Amber’s sleepy eyes in those two

have any nightmare all night, and I

bedside table and frowned, “When did

asleep last night, I stuffed it in. I wanted you

smile, “You got

calmly shook his head and looked at Jack.

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