Winner Takes All

Chapter 732 Isaac’s Warning

Isaac quickly carried the unconscious Rena down the stairs. An ordinary person would not be able to stand the sight of what happened there.

The mysterious man helped to support Daisy and the wounded nurse on either side of him down the stairs for medical treatment.

As they walked past Mr. Ward, the mysterious man said to Mr. Ward, “Ladies first. You chap will have to wait a while.”

Mr. Ward rolled his eyes and wanted to say that he was an old folk but he held back his words while glaring at the mysterious man.

Along the corridor.

The pungent smell of blood gagged the remaining people. Those who saw the scene would have their hair stand on ends. Isaac must have exerted all his strength during that slash.

Jack felt surreal as he remained in that quiet corridor. He felt the same as when Lyndall remarked in awe. The slash was beyond logical explanations. It was as if the strength exerted was superhuman.

“I’ve finally seen what the Mafia Boss of the Grand Freemasons can do… And I’m absolutely impressed!” Lyndall remarked. Lyndall was once the boss of the underground world of LD city but in the presence of Isaac, Lyndall felt minuscule and insignificant like a speck of dirt.

As soon as he said, Jack suddenly turned his wheelchair and looked sternly at Lyndall. Lyndall shuddered when he noticed Jack’s displeasure, “I know that you did it for my good but you must never do this again.” Jack’s words were so cold that they pierced deep into the bones.

Lyndall stammered, “No… just now… if…”

Jack shook his head, “I don’t want to owe her. You indeed did it for my good but now I owe her. Do you know what it means to owe a woman?”

about the tension between

up.” Jack wheeled himself towards the patient room. It was as if he entered an alternate reality after entering the room. But Jack could not get over the anger and the scene flashed repeatedly

front of Jack determined to

repay such a

to reveal that he was not crippled to Rena and Isaac. His status as an elder pioneer of the Grand Freemasons meant that he was on the same team as Rena and Isaac. That meant that the risk of them spreading the news that

to clear financial debts but it was difficult to repay a debt of gratitude. Not to mention that this concerned the affection

the commotion just now was he had given earplugs for Amber to improve her sleep. Amber had very little sleep over these couple of days because of her nightmares. That was

glad that they had a false alarm earlier that afternoon. He was thankful that he listened to Isaac and was cautious and

Lone Wolf and the nurse.

room, the welfare of the innocent patients would have constraint what Jack could do. Arrow’s ruthlessness would mean that the collateral damage of that night would not be limited to that

to frown when he

treated. That silly girl is fine. She sustained some internal injuries due to taking the impact of that intense kick. Her shoulder blade

and shook his head, “I

is outside.” The

At the corridor.


corridor. He

as the mysterious man pushed Jack towards

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