Winner Takes All

Chapter 731 Killer God’s Slash!

“Retreat!” At that point, it was as if Jack’s heart was ruthlessly pounded by a sledgehammer.

But then, Rena, who was in front of him not only did not flinch but she said calmly, “What will you do if I retreated?”

Of course, Rena could retreat since Arrows was charging towards her but Jack could not do so because he was in the wheelchair.

It was Arrow’s final attempt to take someone with him in his dying moments.

Jack had to face the rage of a dying madman. Which was a nightmare!

Rena was unwilling for Jack to pay such a price that was why she was determined to stand her ground, even if it was for just a second! A second would be enough for Isaac to rush forward.

Jack turned ferocious and raged completely. His hands grabbed the armrests and hesitated.

Should he stand or not?

He had fought previously with Arrows and he also knew Rena’s capabilities. Both of their skills were totally incomparable. Rena was ready to sacrifice herself to block Arrows’ attack. This woman was crazy!

Instantly, Jack made up his mind. As both of his hands grabbed the armrests tightly and his feet touched the ground, suddenly a large hand slapped the back of his shoulders and pushed him back into his wheelchair.

It was Lyndall! It was at this moment that Arrows charged like a raging Siberian bear, with madness in his blue eyes.

Jack’s heartbeat raced and wanted to stop Arrows but it was too late.

“Die! Whoever blocks me!” Arrows yelled. He planted his hands on the ground and his right leg started to whistle through the air and arched a perfect curve as his legs kicked furiously.

“Watch out! Rena!” Jack yelled as his heart surged anxiously.

crush boulders with his brute strength and Rena was clearly in no position to

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stood her ground. The strong breeze blew her green hair and she continued to

critical moment, Rena yelled, “Dragon Suppressing Palm!” She did not flinch and was determined to the end. Her petite frame no longer seemed delicate and weak but she was firm like a solid rock as she faced

huge contrast to the well-built and strong

The next moment, bash!

right leg but she was unable

caused Rena to wince in pain


stop the violent strength and ended up collapsing onto the ground on

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Arrows appeared

cannot harm him with me around!” Rena said with steadfast determination as she continued to grasp his

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grinned as he exerted his right leg and started to twist like a

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when he saw Rena vomit a mouthful of blood. He erupted

“Die! Arrows!”

entire corridor was filled with doom. Death radiated from him like countless needles piercing everyone’s pores. Everyone felt

resigned to his fate. He stopped and turned around in an instinctive reaction

win blew his robe and everyone, including Jack, Mr. Ward, the

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