Winner Takes All

Chapter 730 The Struggle of a Cornered Beast

With the sound of the elevator door opening.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.


Lyndall let out a loud shout, his face was serious and nervous.

Jack was also caught in an entanglement at this moment.

On one side he had to fight Arrows, this was a rare fighting chance.

Since he disguised his disability in order to cover up the Hughes Family’s eyes and ears, he could only participate in very few battles.

Such battle that could allow him to fight as much as he wanted without being discovered was even rarer.

Combat strength could only be improved the fastest in actual combat, with blood sprinkling and flesh being wounded. Shortcomings would be discovered as well.

But if he chose not to give up this time, the visitors would definitely find out that he was not disabled.

Once exposed!

There would not be anymore scorecard left to turn things around on father’s birthday party.

More importantly, he did not want to kill innocent people.

In a wink.

There was a sudden “bang” noise behind Jack.

Following right after that, there was a sound of a wheelchair rolling.

Lyndall kicked it over.

In the distance, Mr. Ward and Daisy who were unable to move with heavy expressions, their pupils shrank to the extreme.

Jack’s expression was heavy and firm.

He immediately abandoned Arrows in front of him, turned abruptly and sat directly on the wheelchair.

At the same time, the mysterious man who had been sitting on the corridor chair calmly smoking his cigarette also stood up.

Everyone knew.

Compared with hiding the disability, leaving the scorecard.

A mere Arrows was not worth mentioning!

Throwing away the cigarette butt, the mysterious man screamed, “Opponent is here!”

Just as Arrows turned to look at mysterious man.

The elevator door finally opened.


scream came out of

sitting in a wheelchair, was startled

This was…Rena’s voice!

she come here

his thought just

Isaac walked

guard and was frightened just now, and now she calmed down

of the Grand Freemasons’ female Lieutenant, she had seen a lot of bloody scenes, and she could adapt to everything around her

it Rena or Isaac, they looked extremely heavy and the sense of killing

scene in the corridor was

Hand Arrows, how dare you touch Grand


Isaac, Arrows got

‘Juan’ generation of Grand Freemasons. In fact, when he met Isaac at the airport,

he purposely chose to assassinate at night, for

Isaac would not stay by Jack’s side all the time even though he came

to leave

that had been predicted had changed.

tonight, except for having Mr. Ward, Daisy and the others there, the rest did not happen according to his

Arrows and Isaac

and checked on him. Seeing Jack in a mess, her brows

hurriedly asked,

and the others protected

head and asked, “It’s late, why are you



who came suddenly completely

and I are going back tomorrow.” Rena’s expression was a bit complicated, she finally chose to accept Isaac’s

it could be of

eyes; he dared not to

pretty face was too obvious, it was obvious till he did not know

when we met at the airport, I did not think that you would really

slowly moved both

In an instant.

strong sense of killing intention could

to solidify instantly under

squinted, and the blue veins in the corners of

had completely exceeded

had brought

the fake-faced man not far away

Boss from Grand

him as the Black Hand Arrows, he was the powerful one in the


Just then.

up shrugged and sat

the Mafia Boss of Grand Freemasons, the master of

looked at the

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