Winner Takes All

Chapter 727 Amazing Strength!

Under Arrows’ stunned gaze, Jack slowly got up from the wheelchair.

The movements were soothing, neither too fast nor too slow.

How could there be any disability?

That was the scene, like a bolt from the blue that outrageously bombarded Arrows.

One of the key requirements for the Bloody Angel Organization to stand firm in the Western world is an extremely powerful intelligence network.

What’s more, for that mission, he also combined a lot of information, but all of them proved that Jack was disabled.

When he came, Arrows also laughed at him in that state and went to kill a disabled person.

That didn’t require many efforts!

But he also knew that the reasons why the headquarters sent him there were not because it was an easy task, but because he was the only one who could easily break through the protection around Jack.

But now…the information was wrong!

It concealed the powerful intelligence network of the Bloody Angel Organization and also concealed the intelligence network of the powers from which he obtained the information.

Damn it!

God, how did he do it?


Jack moved his hands and feet slowly, his joints cracked and echoed clearly in the silence of the corridor.

It was a soft sound, but it sounded like a large bell knocking in Arrows’ ears, making him quickly recover.

“It’s been a long time since I had a good fight.”

Jack’s expression gradually turned gloomy, his eyes narrowed, “It’s a coincidence that you are here now to kill me, my mood has been very bad recently, so bad that I’ll use you as a punching bag to vent.

Those words made a chill come over Arrows.

Arrows was terrified at that moment. Facing Jack, he suddenly felt like he was facing the underworld.

Cold, violent, cruel, bloodthirsty…

Even when he made eye contact with Jack, Arrows could see a sea of blood churning in Jack’s eyes.

“Are you…ready?”

A laughter came out from Jack’s mouth, similar to that of Arrows had been joking Mr. Ward and the others before.

After one second.


whipped up the wind

So fast!

he became pale

the fear for a moment, and


A fist blew.

A straight strike.


shook suddenly, and he clearly felt a violent and terrifying force surging along the front of his fist and extending all the way to his torso, making his

“You are too weak!”

Jack sneered.

Arrows and launched a furious

Arrows was frightened.

him have his heart

just an

Jack exploded his fighting power at that time, he even felt a very strong sense

life was object of

Was the intelligence…wrong again?

to face Jack’s violent attack, and he was instantly in a weak

in a state of passive defense and he retreated

come to a deadlock. Jack’s dominant

the fight turned into a pure crash. On one side, one was attacking

was Mr. Ward, Daisy or

ones who really saw Jack grow

Ward who had witnessed Jack’s grow

his growth speed

witnessed it with his own eyes, had a sense of unreality as if he

shock was no less at

she and Mr. Ward

killer of the Assassin Squad, when she first saw Jack training, she had the

once had regarded as a child had grown to such

Jack, Jack’s combat power

and he felt as if a butterfly breaking through its

be known that the person who was fighting against Jack was not

Bloody Angel Organization, comparable to the Grand Freemasons in the West, the Chief of the punishment department,

the West, that name

one dared to

in a second was not a

Squad and an ancestor of the ‘Juan’ generation of the Grand Freemasons unable

were enough

now, he was

the mysterious man was extremely

the stairwell, the mysterious man whispered

softly, but his words were meaningful and



eyes of Arrows, who was completely at a disadvantage, became

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