Winner Takes All

Chapter 723 Ambush!

His rage and reprimand exploded like thunder.

Rena Yales suddenly stopped and stood still.

In that instant, her eyes welled up.

Growing up, she always treated Isaac Wells as her elder brother. Though they were not brother and sister by relation, they were closer than real siblings.

Isaac had also never scolded her like this before.

“Come home with me!”

Isaac walked behind Rena and coldly grabbed Rena’s hand, “We need to put this matter on hold. You just don’t understand a lot more things!”

“I understand, Isaac!”

Rena suddenly turned around with tears in her eyes, “I know what you and grandpa want. Isn’t it that you want the Grand Freemasons to quickly be involved with Jack Hughes and the Kool Family?”

Isaac was stunned. His cold eyes suddenly flickered.

Because Rena was…right!

He and Carlos Juan Yales knew more about it. They knew more details and everything about it.

That’s why they would rather violate the Dogma, and conceal it from Jack Hughes, the Ancestor of 'Juan' generation of the Grand Freemasons.

On the matter regarding Jack and the Kool Family, anyone who knew the Kool Family would choose to hold it off first to postpone the arrival of the monstrous disaster as much as possible.

The next second.

Rena grabbed Isaac’s hand with both of her hands and wailed as she spoke.

“Just because I know, I still never revealed any truth about grandpa and you to Jack even if I reached him first. Instead, I used a more subtle way to tell Jack the clues I learned from you and grandpa.”

“Rena, listen to me. Let’s go home.”

Isaac’s face sank. He never liked this kind of lovey-dovey and never-ending explanations.


As Rena’s knees weakened, she knelt on the ground with a thud.

As she cried, she begged, “Please, Isaac, let me take another look. I want to be there tonight. Did you see him during the day? He looked so exhausted and lost so much weight.”

Isaac was furious.

He squinted his eyes, “You’re not like this before, Rena. You used to be the apple of the Grand Freemasons’ eye. You were so high above looking down at everyone else. You never cared for them.”

“Please, Isaac,” Rena didn’t respond. She only continued to plead.

“What’s with him that makes you so obsessed?” Isaac was completely enraged. He angrily shook off both of Rena’s hands.

Rena knelt on the ground and cried her eyes out with tears streaming down her face.

to her red lips. She sadly smiled, “Yeah, what’s with him that I’m so obsessed with? That’s why

felt like something was stuck in his throat so much

at Rena who

stopped for a few seconds, Isaac finally chose to be soft-hearted, “I’ll come with you. But remember, he’s already married. You don’t have any chance with him. All you can do

I won’t


smile, got up and tightly

“Silly woman.”

Isaac angrily scolded her.

sister,” Rena wiped away her tears and took Isaac’s arm as

At the same time.

side of the hallway in the staircase

far away, Daisy Hill sat cross-legged on the floor

one ward on this floor. They were the


The elevator suddenly rang.

meditating, opened her eyes. She vigilantly and intently stared at the elevator that just reached their

on her arm. She grabbed her dagger and

in front of the staircase’s door, also turned

nurse dressed in white came out with a medical

Mr. Ward, who were both alert, relaxed

to add Ms.

“Go on.”

the room, and her right hand let go of the dagger on her waist. Then, she sat on the

and continued to

described, studying was like sailing against the current. If you didn’t continue rowing forward, you would fall behind. Diligently studying was the best way


continued flipping the pages. Then, his eyes lit

came back

raised their vigilance to the highest

Daisy, they all knew that the reasons that Jack had already arranged everything

are you hungry? Do you

nurse who pushed the medical cart into the ward. Instead, she turned her head and looked at Mr. Ward at




of the stairwell that had remained closed suddenly collapsed as if

Ward, who was looking up at Daisy, was caught off-guard. He

out by the door that collapsed and vomited

bit, he still couldn’t stand

at the

a long beige overcoat came out

Without any hesitation.

Without any words.

even the slightest

and directly aimed at Daisy who was standing


through the sky and

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