Winner Takes All

Chapter 721 Suspicion

But Rena didn't sell out Isaac.

Led by Jack and Steve, Rena and Isaac walked into the ward.

Several of the others stood waiting outside the ward.

Inside the ward.

With the arrival of Isaac, the purpose of Rena's arrival seemed more justified.

Amber's expression eased a little, her weak and haggard face kept a polite smile all the time.

Everyone chatted joyfully for a while.

Isaac took Rena out of the ward to allow Amber to rest more.

Jack sent them off and Mr. Ward accompanied him.

But after walking down the corridor and closing the door of the ward.

Isaac suddenly thought of the scene at the airport and stopped.

"By the way, the Bloody Angel Organization has a branch in your place?"

Isaac turned around, frowned as he asked.

After they heard the words.

Rena's beautiful eyes were full of surprise.

Even Jack and Mr. Ward were startled.

Jack didn't know what Bloody Angel Organization was, but since Isaac asked now, there must be a reason.

He looked at Mr. Ward, "Mr. Ward, do you know?"

Mr. Ward thought for a while and shook his head, "You must be joking. In this small place, even the Hughes family office is not specially set up. How could the Bloody Angel Organization have a branch here?"

Isaac frowned, hesitated, and finally uttered, "You can ask the people in Hughes family office to check it out. The Black Hand Arrows of the Bloody Angel Organization is here."

"What?!" Mr. Ward was surprised.

In an instant, the corridor calmed down.

Jack was at a loss. Seeing Mr. Ward's reaction, things shouldn't be simple.

He asked curiously, "What is the Bloody Angel Organization? And the Black Hand Arrows?"

Isaac didn't say much, but raised his hand to hug Rena's shoulder.

siblings were concerned, there was nothing wrong with

wrinkled slightly, instinctively trying

as Isaac's right hand exerted force,

Master, I settle the Isaac and Rena first, and then I will tell

Ward's voice suddenly became deep

nodded and watched the

he sat in a wheelchair and leaned against the

got back

my own that I have got



Rena came over in person, it made no sense to force them to stay

the current situation was really not suitable

Jack asked, "Mr. Ward, what

Black Hand Arrows

Ward groaned for a moment, then slowly

the two sides. In the past few years, the Bloody Angel Organization have been

are extremely jealous of each other, but Grand Freemasons is so powerful, the Bloody Angel has always been holding a grudge, but they dare not

Jack suddenly understood.

understanding of the

taught lessons by Grand Freemasons, he didn't underestimate

Grand Freemasons, even if the Bloody Angel Organization had fought with the Grand Freemasons and had lost in the

able to stand in the West

the Bloody Angel Organization was probably the same as Grand

after leaving the West, the gap between the two immediately became

now the Black Hand Arrows of the Bloody Angel Organization, suddenly came to

condensed, he became suspicious, "The Black Hand Arrows is the leader of the punishment department of the Bloody Angel Organization. He is known for his scheming and viciousness. He belongs to the upper level in the Bloody

"Department of punishment?"

and looked at


as he

his nose and lowered his eye

were only the voices of people who were

idea of the Bloody Angel Organization, he listened to Mr. Ward's

it very simple, it was enough for him to understand this

were compared to the Grand Freemasons, the black hand Arrows was similar to the strongest Lieutenant

was really not

say that he

just... what was the reason for such a big person to suddenly come to a

happened, then there must

a deep breath, Jack said, "Mr. Ward, arrange a

and his

you worried about Arrows?

because of a few words from Isaac, just because of the arrival of the Bloody Angel and the Black Hand Arrows, was it necessary to change the ward

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