Winner Takes All

Chapter 720 What A Shameless Man!

The car was on its way to LJ hospital.

Isaac looked very gloomy, looking out of the window with deep eyes and thinking.

His followers frowned.

The feeling of oppression emanating from Isaac never dissipated after he got off the plane.

Especially after meeting the "Black Hand Arrows" of Bloody Angel Organization, the feeling became more intense.

No one dared to ask him.

It was very quiet in the car.

In LJ hospital,

When Jack took Rena into the ward, the atmosphere in the ward suddenly became strange.

The air seemed to freeze.

Steve and Rosie were both angry.

"Why are you coming here?"

Before, on the other side of the ocean, they met Rena because of Jack.

But the couple were not happy with the sudden arrival of Rena.

Amber just had a miscarriage, but Jack, as her husband, went out and brought this woman here. What did he mean?

With eyes blinking, Amber lay in the bed and looked at Jack in shock.

"Mom, Dad and Amber, Rena comes here to tell us something about the Kool family."

Jack explained.

The couple’s expressions then softened.

Next, Rena took out the gift and walked to Amber heartily, "Amber, I came here and knew something about you, so I want to visit you."

"Thank you."

Amber smiled politely.

She knew Rena’s thought all the time.

But Amber didn’t mention something, which didn’t mean she really didn’t know.

knew the emotion in Rena’s

Amber knew that.

least in her eyes, when Rena looked at Jack, her eyes would

accompany Amber. I’ll talk

He couldn’t do anything to the Kool family. Now the appearance of Rena had given him the hope, so he couldn’t wait

happened to Amber made

he must

the same as Jack. They would

himself and his enemy well would win the

to know the situation

At the corridor,

Steve what she just said to Jack and Mr.

Steve frowned and his

I know these

family now, but my grandfather thought that these clues were irrelevant and didn’t want to tell you. But, after thinking carefully, I still

in a

felt that these clues

Except for one thing.


for your clues. They’re not irrelevant. At least your

was the only key information he could get

were Wealthy Family, Long Thriving Family and

the Kool family was the

disappeared, it was still a

at Steve with deep

and Noble

Steve were just two

be made into nails. Now that the Kool family dared to reappear in the eyes of the world, they must have their own strengths. Once the Kool family exerted the

a moment and murmured, "Can I stay here? Amber must be in pain after such a thing. I can help you here. And, I can tell you as soon as I hear

said these words, Rena

orders of her grandfather

Isaac had hidden from Jack in

right now,

really wanted to stay here

content to

Hearing this,

Steve showed strange

Steve frowned slightly.

Jack said to Steve,

to turn and enter the

raised her head and stared at Jack in

just friends, Jack was

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