Winner Takes All

Chapter648 Celebration?

Save my son?

Patrick was stunned.

The bitch thought I tried to Jack by issuing the "Head Doctor Summoning Order"?

Patrick sneered coldly, "It’s none of your business!"

"Good, that's enough!"

Madam Hughes turned angrily and walked out with cane.

Just as she turned around, the raging anger on her face disappeared and there was a smile appeared on her wrinkled face.

At the door, Carter Hughes waited patiently.

Seeing Madam Hughes came out, he was about to ask her something.

Madam Hughes yelled at him, "Little bastard, come with me!"

Carter was freaked out after heard that so he shut up and left with Madam Hughes.

Patrick sat on the chair and watched Madam Hughes and Carter’s back. After a long time, he whispered, "She wasn’t sure about the situation but came to me immediately. Why was she so anxious this time?"

At Madam Hughes's residence.

The chanting of Buddhist sutras echoed in the Buddha hall.

Madam Hughes believed in Buddhism. Even if she did not chant sutras, she still played recorded sutras to make the atmosphere solemn.

After returning to their residence, Madam Hughes and Carter went straight into the Buddha hall.

"Carter, close the door!"

As soon as she entered the Buddha hall, Madam Hughes couldn't hide her excitement.

Carter was confused and went to close the door.

When he turned back, he found that Madam Hughes knelt on the futon, made a bow with her hands folded in front to the figure of Buddha.

Madam Hughes was thrilled, bowed to worship the Buddha, and then kowtowed three times at the gold Buddha statue.

Even though it was still too early to do the kowtow.

of excitement all over her face and

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did it! George finally met up our expectations, he


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Less than a second.

ravished with joy just as similar

"Really, you mean it?"

words were spoken by Madam Hughes, Carter still felt like

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"Yes, it is true!"

Think about it, if it wasn't because George pulled it through,

are right, he wouldn’t do

Carter shook his head.

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deep breaths to

ecstatic smile on his face, he bowed to Madam Hughes and said, "Congratulations, Mom, we finally got rid

"Yeah, yeah!"

to be a little younger than her actual age. She knelt on the futon, looking at the gold Buddha statue, and said emotionally, "Since Jack showed up, I couldn’t sleep well every night. Now we were blessed as George finally

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"We should celebrate this!"

go and call Killian to come

Carter wouldn’t against celebration.

looking at the sky outside, he hesitated and said, "Mom, it's in the early morning and it's not even dawn. Drinking at this time is not good

this by drinking. It is good for my body, it is!" Madam Hughes

and stopped talking. He turned and walked out of the

time was indeed bad for

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walked into the Buddha hall holding a bottle of wine, his face couldn't

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