Winner Takes All

Chapter465: The Dragon Fell into the Abyss

Carlos trembled.

He was shocked.

Finally, he sighed sadly.

"The doctor was right."

Rena, who threw herself into Carlos's arms and howled and cried, raised her head with teary eyes, and looked at Carlos in disbelief.

"Did you know it a long time ago?"

Carlos nodded solemnly.

"After being injured, poisoned, and jumping into the sea, he was very lucky to be able to get his life back. When the doctor rescued, the poison was already flowing through the blood. At that time, the doctors were helpless. It was purely on the face of our Grand Freemasons and his seniority that the doctors had made every possible effort."

Carlos looked helpless and twitched the corners of his mouth, "As a result, they really saved Jack. But at that time, the doctors said that the poison entered his blood. Even if he was saved, it might damage some organs or cause paralysis. This is normal and very likely."

Looking at Rena, who was shocked, Carlos smiled bitterly and stroked her head lightly.

"I knew what you thought of Jack, so Mr. Ward and I didn't tell you. But I didn't expect Jack to find out so soon... He was able to pick up a life, and it has exceeded all our expectations. How can he ask not to be disabled? "

Rena was dazed.

At that moment, tears flowed quietly.

She felt as if her chest was choked with stones, and she was suffocating.

The despair and pain of Jack just now were still vivid.

They cut her heart fiercely like a sword.

She asked unwillingly, "How can I tell him? He can't accept it. Do you really have no choice? "

"Yes, I cannot do it."

Carlos shook his head.

As he said, he raised his dry and old hand and gently wiped the tears from the corners of Rena's eyes.

"You are already an adult, and have to act like an adult. An adult should accept some facts and realities that he or she does not want to accept."

Rena s lips moved slightly, but she was still unwilling to face it.

That man was so high-spirited before.

Why should God be so unfair and let him become disabled?

But she hadn't spoken yet.

Carlos slowly got up, "Let's go. Take me to see Jack, and call the doctors. It's time for Jack to accept the truth."


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