Winner Takes All

Chapter459: Jack, Where Are You?

No way!

No way!


Jack screamed in his heart, and was crazy at that moment.

But he didn't even have a chance to stop it.

There was a rustling sound.

The cold touch crashed Jack’s mind.

The lower part of the body... It really didn't need to be cleaned.

Rena, you are a woman. Did you know that?

Jack could clearly feel Rena's hands moving down, and the coldness brought by the wet fingertips touching the skin was like an electric shock.

Finally, Jack felt a chill.


He heard Rena take a gasp.

It was over...

Jack was completely desperate.

At this moment, he was like a dead fish on the chopping board, and could only be "slaughtered" by Rena.


"It's no big deal. An innocent mind makes everything innocent. I have watched it for seven days, and it's okay. I can be completely indifferent to worldly temptations."

Rena's deep breathing sounded suddenly in his ears.

Then, Jack heard that she was reciting the scriptures seriously.

"When Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara was practicing the profound Prajna Paramita, he illuminated the Five Skandhas and saw that they were all empty, and he crossed beyond all suffering and difficulty."

He listened to the sound of reciting scriptures, feeling the coldness of the towel rubbed on his thighs.

Jack felt like weeping but had no tears.

However, he could also feel that Rena was serious when she carefully helped him clean his body.

She really didn't touch anywhere that shouldn't be touched.

This comforted Jack a bit, who was in collapse.

This scrub should have made him more comfortable. But for Jack, who was sober at this time, it was a torture.

guilt, helplessness, despair, and

like sharp knives, slicing his bones and flesh.



"Okay, I finished!"

was like the sound of nature to Jack.

Jack felt

It was over.

Rena washing the towel

Soon, footsteps sounded.

Rena left.

bed, it's quiet

the quiet environment, his brain gradually became

sent the killer

sending a killer, the

in this foreign land,

entangled like

He obviously had no enemies in this foreign land.

was on fighting for the position

enemies should be related to this matter, or to the

enemies had

to end, Jack never extended his sphere of influence to

no power here,

but a sense of exhaustion came like

and it is

lamented in his heart. According to Carlos, his survival was

dare to expect that he could stand up

doubt in

resisted tiredness and fell asleep.


the Knight

garden pond.


pond, with a sad

little by little and threw it

tired, she no longer looked beautiful as she

her, Amber sprinkled all

habitually took out her mobile phone and dialed Jack's


had been

sadly, "Jack, what do you mean? Where are you? You came

forgive Jack. In fact, no woman would choose to forgive her

him, or


order to ask her forgiveness, Jack even paid no attention to

she wanted an explanation from

explanation is reasonable or not, she needed to

Jack suddenly hung up her phone

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