Winner Takes All

Chapter204 Panic Aiden. Drug Worked

Jack let out a painful groan.

Brent and Lone Wolf in the fighting were astonished.

“Young master!”

The dagger was originally supposed to be stuck into Ciara Wattson’s back. However, it was stuck into Jack’s back accurately because he turned over suddenly at the key moment.

Jack was trying his best to take Ciara away while the blood was spouting.

However, his neck was hard held by a big hand suddenly.

Meanwhile, Jack clearly felt that the dagger in his back was fiercely turned.

“Go away!”

Suddenly, Ciara shouted out loud with a cool look.

Though looking weak, She made a fist and fiercely punched the killer on his face.

The killer groaned and staggered backwards.

At the same time, Brent and Lone Wolf came as well.

“Escort Young master out, Lone Wolf!”

Bristling with anger, Brent looked like a monster and directly held the killer by the waist.

He spun the killer like a stick, dashing into the other killers.

Bang Bang Bang...

There was a string of groan.

A dozen killers was driven backwards by Brent’s strong murderous look.

Lone Wolf seized the opportunity.

He hurriedly carried Jack, taking Ciara to run out of the First box.

“Ms. Wattson, take Young master away. I have to help Brent!”

After putting Jack down, Lone Wolf Rushed back to the First box without hesitation.

“Lone Wolf...”

Jack murmured weakly, looking pale.

“Let’s go!”

Ciara coolly said so, Biting her lips.

She managed to carry Jack with her fragile body, running out of the Jade spring villa.

At this time.

Master Vaughn also successfully got

First box, they both were

looked back at the First box which is

more important to

and ran

In the First box.

air was filled with

people yelling for fighting and

the security guards of Jade spring villa

bodies on the ground lying in the

box had already

was full of the disgusting smell

First box dully. He could clearly

He trembled and stumbled.

felt that he was

walk into the First box with the security

hell when they

bodies were lying

blood had even flowed

“Why come so late?”

cold voice suddenly

the other security

They looked there.

were leaning on it and

Brent and

Brent was more like a bloody man and his

Lone Wolf’s chest was still bleeding. Though looking

stared at Aiden

fierce eyes made Aiden frightened. He trembled as if he

“Where...where is Mr. Hughes?”

and Lone Wolf looked at each

his foot, “No. It’s not me! How

and his

in Jade spring villa which was

failed to

could put him to death for hundreds

sneered, but didn’t say


and Lone Wolf had already been exhausted now. Jack had been led away by Ciara as well. They were not sure whether there was any unexpected situation

too anxious

must find Mr. Hughes, even though

to hospital right now and suppress the

get rid of the suspicion, but also find out the truth the first time. Then he could make an explanation to Jack Hughes

and Aiden was about to

Jack a Blue Ocean Teardrop. How could he got into such a trouble

Under the night sky.

villa was quiet

calm before

whole security system


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