Winner Takes All

Chapter163 Dazzling Bright Lights were prepared for the Loveliest Couple

Amber’s face was dyed with a reddish hue.

When the misunderstanding had been resolved, she no longer had any grudge in her heart.

All she could feel at the moment was a longing for the moment when he proposed to her.

She had been waiting for this exact scene for three whole years!

Three years ago, she was the bridesmaid who personally saw Jack and Katherine enter the marriage hall with her own eyes.

The next day, she had promptly gone overseas.

During those three years, his figure could never be erased from her mind, and for his sake she had rejected countless pursuers which hailed from wealthy and noble families.

And now… her wish had finally come true.

“Amber… you must maintain your image. You can’t let the Knight family lose face.” Steve suddenly reminded her.

Rosie who was beside them howled, “What kind of father are you? This is our daughter’s once in a lifetime experience. Why are you telling her to maintain any sort of image? You are saying this now because you are feeling ashamed for scolding Jack just now, aren’t you?”

Her sharp words immediately revealed Steve’s inner musings.

Steve could only scratch his head and smile earnestly.

Around the TM Villa District, lights were shimmering everywhere.

There was a stage in the center of the courtyard, and all of the employees of DT real estate agency had gathered around the stage.

Jack had even invited some who were not in his industry to his proposal event.

Nevertheless, everyone was at a loss when they watched Jack fled the scene in a car. This was not something they would expect.

This event tonight was supposed to be Jack’s proposal ceremony.

Despite that, not only that the female lead hadn’t arrived yet, the male lead was gone just like that?

“Mable, what is going on here?” Artist was a little shocked, “Does this happen because Steve, that old geezer, has lost his temper for some reason?”

“Bullshit, you think that Steve’s temper is worse than yours?” Director Lansing rolled his eyes at Artist.

Minister Mable had a meaningful look on his face as he sighed softly, “They really have a real bond there. I hope Steve doesn’t spoil this.”

Director Lansing nodded in agreement while Artist still had a very lost expression on his face.

The three of them were cordially invited here by Jack.

They were all Steve’s long-time friends as well as Amber’s seniors.

They had to be present on this meaningful day.

“They’re here!”

Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted.

path not far away, two strong rays of light that belonged to a Rolls-Royce illuminated the

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the employees of DT real estate

Daisy were standing in the shadows while watching a Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz G-class rolling

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he hurriedly came to the G-class car

“Amber, follow me!”

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Steve let out an exclaim,

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“Look at the screen!”

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Jack nodded solemnly.

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