Winner Takes All

Chapter161 Explain? Leave!

“I’m here down the mountain.”

Amber sounded calm on the phone.

It made Jack frown and confused.

Then Amber’s calm voice rang on the phone again.

“Are you sure that you’ll propose to me?”

Jack frowned even more and smiled, “Of course, I’ve been preparing for this day for a long time.”

Jack just finished his words.

Steve Knight’s voice suddenly rang on the phone.

“Jack Hughes, what is going on with the photos?”


Jack looked as if he had been trucked by lightning and felt depressed. His mind went blank.

Something was wrong!

He got extremely angry instantly.

There was only one reason since Amber had known about it.

Katherine… hadn’t deleted the photos as she promised.

Instead, she sent those photos to Amber.

Jack said hastily, “Wait for me, Mr. Knight. I’m coming right now.”

Hanging up the phone, Jack hurriedly asked Brent to drive him there. They drove fast down the mountain. All the others were left and felt stunned.

Jack was furious with anger in his eyes all the way.

He clenched his hands. The blue veins on his hands protruded out.

Jack had never expected that he had been tolerant to satisfy the Parry family; while his plan failed at the key moment.

He had spent long time preparing so well and carefully for this proposal all by himself.

Jack wouldn’t accept any unexpected situations when he and Amber were about to get married!

On the mountain road.

The black Mercedes-Benz G-Class was parked by the roadside quietly.


seat, looking upset. She looked out of

She wanted to finish the proposal at least.

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hugged Amber, “Amber, daddy and mommy are here. No


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The Rolls-Royce stopped.

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parents also got off the

the photos in his hands on Jack’s

Hughes, what will you

photos over the ground, Jack

knew that he shouldn’t be angry at this moment. Instead,

and normal meeting. I didn’t expect it to be made use of by someone

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intended to walk to Amber, but he was

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right here if you have anything to tell us,” said Steve with a

moment of the day he saw the photos,

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He looked at Amber

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family has made me so miserable. Katherine even almost killed my mom.

moment, all he had for Katherine and the Parry

met Katherine on that day. It was because that Katherine would leave

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