Winner Takes All

Chapter78 Super Awesome

The cold voice made Diego Chou and others nervous.

He dared to challenge a dozen people alone?

Was he...joking?

"Gangster in Suit, right? Fine. As you don't want to solve it in a peaceful way, then don't blame on me for being cruel to you!"

Diego Chou looked devilish. He gnashed his teeth and waved his hand, "Beat him! I'll take all the consequences!"

In an instant, a dozen men who were holding steel tubes and shovels rushed forward.

Diego stepped back to the crowd then.

Jack smiled coolly and anger sparked in his eyes. He fast dashed to Diego who was stepping back.

Jack wasn't a coward. He had been pretty tolerant for the three years in the Parry family, which was because he loved Katherine.

How could Jack became the vice president of DT real estate agency within 3 years, if he was a coward outside?

After Jack had taken cruel training for a period, his physical fitness had been superior to others. Even though his wounds hadn't been healed yet, Jack was still stronger than those present.

Jack rushed to the front of Diego at lightning speed for a second.

Diego was scared to change his countenance. With a growl, he cleaned his fist and punched Jack.

Easily avoiding the punch, Jack grabbed Diego's wrist. He then bent down and held Diego by his waist.


With a roar, Jack directly held up Diego.

He spun around him like a stick. With Diego's frightening scream, Jack fought off all the approaching people.

"Get down!"

Jack had a cold look. He held Diego with his two hands and violently threw him on the ground.

The sharp pain made Diego's face turn pale instantly. He screamed like a pig being slaughtered.

Diego was Drago Chou's cousin. He became the vice head of Seasky estate relying on Drago. Diego always bossed around others in daily life. However, he could be easily defeated by Daisy with his poor skill, let alone fought with Jack.


A sound of buzz suddenly rang while Jack was throwing down Diego.

Jack frowned. Seeing one fighter was hitting him with a steel tube, he ducked and violently kicked on the fighter's waist with his leg. Jack snatched the steel tube in his own hand then.

"Daisy and Brent, go outside with me!"

Jack shouted, he then took the steel tube and dashed into

from time to time. Some even were lying on the

Facing such condition that they were surrounded, he was also with injured Brent and Daisy. Jack would definitely lose a lot, although he really could beat down those

It wasn't worth it.

fight at his best only when

people off, Jack hadn't thought about it at

was surrounded and hit by a dozen people, it was

You cowards. You are all get paid

beating in


turned around and threw the steel tube in his hand to




his forehead bled immediately. He

"Be careful, Young master!"

Brent suddenly

shovel came crashing down to his

by his right hand.


a huge sound, the

right hand was injured during the punch

"Mr. Hughes..."

pale because of the

never seen Jack like this, but she felt scared

having weapons, even when she

"It's OK. Let's go."

low voice sounded around

got back to her sense, Daisy felt


and walked out

walked slowly, following behind Jack

bypass Jack and hit them

those people were all stopped and knocked to

fierce fight soon attracted the workers at the site to gather

had knocked down a dozen people.

this what a human being

totally a one with special background. He had some fighters

gathered to have a look when Brent and

had already

strong man here now.

He was super awesome!

The other half of them panicked and

Jack glanced at the terrified people around him. He disdainfully rubbed the blood of his right hand on the suit, lifting his hand

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