Winner Takes All

Chapter22 The Imputation

Shirley didn't accept his flowers but looked indifferently at Tommy on the ground.

The situation had turned into an awkward silence out of a sudden.

Everyone was stunned.

Then Shirley said apathetically, "I'm sorry, Tommy. I don't think I want to marry you yet. You don't even love me!"

Everyone was startled and started to talk about it after hearing Shirley's words.

Why did she change her mind finally?

Elissa felt humiliated and jumped up to ask why. But she was held back by Kieran and Katherine.

"Why?" Tommy was confused.

In a split second, tears started to well up at Shirley's eyes abruptly.

She took out her bank card and slammed it at Tommy's face, crying, "Because, you lied to me!".


The crowds were in chaos.

This engagement party was screwed up!

Marital fraud?

Everybody bore the same thought in their mind right at the moment.

There weren't many relatives of the Parry family in this 30-table engagement banquet.

Elissa even invited her neighbors to the banquet merely for her sense of pride.

So, these people wouldn't be expected to show any respect to the Parry family.

"She's a girl. She would never do such a thing, especially in this kind of situation if she wasn't heartbroken."

"Shame on you! It's so humiliating. What had you done to this girl until she has to do this?"

"As I said, Shirley is such a good kid, and how could she look up to Tommy. It must be Tommy deceiving her!"


Elissa and Kieran nearly passed out after hearing the crowds' criticisms.

On the other hand, Katherine stared at the bank card Shirley had thrown out, feeling panicky.

I lie to

was anxious as he took up the bank card standing up, interrogating

tears and said in a quavering voice, "You still have the nerve

"What did


slapped Tommy, making him totally

Shirley! On what grounds you hit

exploded as she saw this.

wrenched herself from Kieran's grasp and rushed to the stage.

pointed at Tommy wailing, "You promised to give me a bride price of 500,000 yuan. Why did you only give me 400,000 yuan? Tommy, this bride price isn't

Even wanted to deceive


crowds burst out in shock

held already, but the bride price for the girl was not ready yet.

gosh! Isn't it obvious that you are bullying a

such a luxurious engagement banquet, but they can't even raise enough money to give the girl a bride

Tommy. It's reasonable for her to give the bride price to her parents as a pension. But the Parry family is really shameful for


were pointed

any problems with Shirley making


about Shirley and Tommy's situation, clearly believed that

family to cause a girl screwing up at an engagement


was startled and sat paralyzed in

crowds' criticisms and rebukes were

had really caused the Parry family being

not true,

invited all of her friends just wanting to show off.

from the guests

would spill the beans

you can't afford it! At least don't

trembled as she turned around looking at all the guests standing up. It was impossible to identify who was speaking.

were slightly red as


after being slapped

you had made a deal with Shirley?

"Mom... I..."

she could offer no plausible explanation for it.

mention there were few hundreds of

my God," and then collapsed on the ground, crying like

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