Winner Takes All

Chapter 3 Bauhinia Bank Card

Entering the bank, Jack waited in line. When he took his turn, he was completely shocked by the teller behind the counter. Jack narrowed his eyes. That was Shirley! What a coincidence. He knew Shirley was Tommy’s girlfriend.

Although they had never met, Jack heard some stories about her and saw her pictures through Katherine.

He didn’t hate her, but he was a little bit angry about her. Shirley had a pretty face and a nice job. Tommy was lucky that she was even willing to take a look at a loser, a NEET like him.

He didn’t care how much she wanted as the bride price. He was just pissed at the Perry Family for they took the money he tended to use for his mom.

He was forced to help Tommy. Jack took a deep breath, trying to swallow his depression.

He smiled and put the bank card on the counter, “Hi, I want to withdraw some money.”

Shirley was about to ask how much he needed, but she frowned when she saw the Bauhinia Card, “Sir, you sure this is a bank card?”

She repeatedly checked it for she had never seen such kind of bank card.

Jack was stunned for a second.

Was that possible that Mr. Wand gave him a fake card? If he could bring out 200 thousand to pay her mom’s hospital bill, it couldn’t be a fake one.

“I’m sure,”

Jack nodded while looking her up and down.

He couldn’t tell her height for she was sitting there; however, she looked so curved with her fancy suits that men would be obsessed to protect her.

He signed. He just didn’t know how come such a beauty could pick a loser.

Shirley lost all her patience with a deeper frown when she found the card couldn’t be read.