Winner Takes All

Chapter 715 Killer God Isaac Wells…Was Scared?

In the living room.

It was messy, with broken pieces of porcelain and scrolls of painting scattering around.

Rena’s eyes were red, her face puzzled and she felt aggrieved.

When Jack called, she was right beside her grandfather and she knew exactly what the conversation was about.

But grandfather’s response made her feel unfair for Jack.

Grandpa knew it!

After hanging up Jack’s call, he seemed to clearly know about Kool Family judging from his expressions and words.

But grandpa’s decision in the end was not to tell Jack.

What was that?

It was a blood feud for Jack!

His wife was about to give birth, but the child died and he was nearing death himself.

No one would tolerate such big blood feud.

But Jack, as the ancestor in ‘Juan’ generation of Grand Freemasons, while facing his blood feud, should be well supported by Grand Freemasons; how could grandpa just quietly took away everyone from Grand Freemasons behind Jack?

Looking at the grandfather who flushed, but eyes full of coldness, Rena’s red lips trembled, “Grandpa, you are the master of Grand Freemasons, do you remember the rules of Grand Freemasons that you have taught me when I was young?”

Carlo’s eyes flashed, and he took a deep breath then said to Rena, “Rena, don’t be arrogant!!”

“It’s not that I’m arrogant!”

Rena waved her hand in anger and screamed, “One of the Grand Freemasons’ rules was joining Grand Freemasons means everyone in Grand Freemasons are like own family, when they’re in need, we give all support! Grandpa, this is what you asked me to memorise word by word when I was young, but now, what’re you doing?”

She reminded firmly and sarcastically.

Carlos felt extremely embarrassed.

His face was red and he was painting hard.

However, he could not refute Rena’s words.

This was indeed one of the most important rules of Grand Freemasons.

As the master of Grand Freemasons, he had supreme authority and even Isaac Wells had to be respectful of him.

He was also the soul of Grand Freemasons and the role model for everyone in Grand Freemasons.

For his actions and words, he should obey the rules.

But now…he broke his promise!

In front of his own granddaughter.

made Carlos feel

why aren’t you

discussed and gave him the status of ‘Juan’ generation , now that this ancestor’ s wife and child got harmed, you as someone who made Jack the ancestor,

you as the master after it spreads

last three words were


body trembled in a


walked quickly until he


hand was raised and lowered,

in the

a trace of blood on

rebellions and unfilial girl, are you

rapidly, she stared at Rena angrily, “Even if you spread around about what happened today in Grand Freemasons and let everyone from Grand Freemasons disrespect me, I would not bother

is not up to you

and she looked at the furious Carlos with her red and teary eyes, suddenly

the grandpa who had always spoiled

he suddenly

generation from Grand Freemasons abandoned his majesty and

not fooling around; I’m just

eyes burning, staring at

soon as

She walked out furiously.

still acting arrogantly, don’t blame me for

was furious; he did not know what

now was the heaviest punishment

“I’m not arrogant!”

not stop walking, her eyes were extremely firm at that


is because you like Jack, so you like one thing

In an instant.

stopped and her eyes

deny that she liked

Isaac could already tell about

simple, yet it was like four sharp

pain to Rena’s heart,

think you can hide it

behind with sadness, “Rena, you’re the daughter of Grand Freemasons, why are you being this

living room suddenly

Just then.

Isaac walked in hastily.

room, he glanced

she had always been filial to her grandfather, not until such

the big movement from

as he said

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