Winner Takes All

Chapter 709 The Mysterious Kool Family

It was stormy outside the window.

Yet inside the ward, it was very silent.

Jack sat in his wheelchair couldn’t sleep. As he watched over Amber with his eyes red.

Even though she was sound asleep, Amber’s brow was knitted tightly, and pain was written on her face.

The loss of a child.

For both Jack and Amber, it was a shocking and horrible news.

All the hard work of carrying a baby for ten months resulted in this.

Not a single soul could have taken this easily.

As a husband, Jack was clear that he had to take care of Amber. No matter it’s her emotions or her health.

The exhaustion of a night without sleeping was extremely tiring. But this didn’t stop him from being awake and watching over Amber.

Amber’s face made Jack’s heart as if it was being slashed by a knife.

As her face was already pale, it was also filled with pain, it was even more shrivelled and haggard.

As if she had already aged by a dozen years over the course of the night.


Jack murmured a word, his eyes reddened, and his gaze gradually narrowed. There was an endless of coldness from his gaze.

He became ruthless and insane.

In the blink of an eye, it was as if Jack had change into a different person.

His face was extremely cold and stern to the core.

“Kool family, you’ve harmed my wife and killed my child… you will pay for all of these!”

A hoarse voice squeezed out of Jack’s throat


Jack’s right hand landed on the wheelchair’s armrest. And with tremendous force, the armrest that was wrapped with plastic exploded with cracks.

Jack’s right hand squeezed the armrest upper part. His veins on the back of his hand looked like gnarled earthworms.

Without even noticing it himself, the veins extended along of the back of his hand and up to his forearm. His veins became slight pale red in colour that was particularly opaque. It looked menacing.

The downpour had been quite a while.

And Amber was sleeping soundly.

Especially when it was exhausted whether it’s physically or mentally and when it’s

watching attentively from

until dusk and darkness started to fall that the pouring rain

as a whisper,


door of the ward was opened

Jack looked up wearily.

Ward entered first, followed by Steve Knight and his wife, who were full of fear and

Daisy walked in carrying a thermos

as they

and his wife saw Amber laying in the hospital bed. Both their eyes turned red

Amber have some rest.


at Jack in anger. His hand was poise to strike but was stopped by his

no intent

Amber was the most precious of her parents ever since


stabbed rather than just a beating.

Jack as a husband. As

down, go outside with

at Steve, “Do you think that Jack wanted this to happen?

“Thanks mom.”

Jack was sincerely grateful.

Amber’s mother was. At that moment of distress, she was still able to

At the corridor.

wheelchair against the

around brazenly as soon as



didn’t duck or dodge. Half of his face quickly became

immediately drew the attention of the people


word, Steve slapped again on Jack’s

so powerful, it

two slap

was able to control his anger, his eyes were red and said, “These two slaps, one is for Amber. You as her husband, how could you ever

me and my wife. Amber was our precious daughter; we entrusted our daughter to you in the first place. But now, look what you did to our

were deep and cold. Every

spoke, Steve couldn’t hold back his tears, as

at his age, he immediately turned his back to Jack and wiped away the tears at the corner of his eyes with

and I have been looking forward to holding our grandchild? As the time draws near, your mother and I have prepared

slight hint of crying; it was

face was filled with agony. The feeling of guilt and self-recrimination

if there were rocks filling up his chest,

his heart hurt more at that point. It hurt so much that the pain on his face could

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