Why Me

Chapter 10: Part 10

*Cara's pov*

We are currently in the car going to get ice cream at my favorite place to eat at, this is the best ice cream place in the world. I swear it's so creamy and they have a thousand different flavors. The sad part about this place is it takes about an hour to get there but it's worth it in my mind so I try to drive up here once a week because I can't go without it.

It's been about 45 minutes in the car and Evan and Kendall are sleeping already, probably because I always play piano music when I drive and that normally makes people fall asleep super fast. I don't mind though because they both look super cute when asleep.

Wow, I'm sounding like a creep but a hot creep.

I look in the mirror and I see that Evan is waking up and when he wakes up he cries, I wish I can do that. I pull the car over and get unbuckled as I go to the back of the car and take Evan out of his car seat. I walk around with him outside so he can calm down.

"Is everything ok?"

I turn around and see Kendall walking to us.

"Yeah, he just gets upset when he wakes up, I'm sorry if we woke you" she waved her hands in the air.

"No you didn't wake me, it was the passing cars that did" she giggled a bit.