Why Me

Chapter 3: Part 3

*Cara's pov*

Ah mornings, I hate them.

I want to sleep to 3 pm and not get up at the crack ass of dawn for school, which may I say I don't need. I have my future set, school is doing nothing for me but I have to go according to my parents.

I call bullshit.

Today is a normal day for me, I go to school I leave, party, fuck someone and then sleep and do it all over again. I do have those days where I work but that just means the partying is cut a little short.

I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom to wash up. I brush my teeth, take a shower, and walk out. That normally takes me about ten minutes to do all that and then I go to my closet and pick out my clothes. Today I'm wearing my normal leather jacket and black jeans that I sag a little because it makes it roomier and a black t-shirt underneath, combat boots, and the necklace that I love dearly. It's just a simple spiky thing but it's real gold.

I grab my phone and backpack and head downstairs to find no one.

I guess they left already, that's fine with me I don't have to listen to my mom yell at me for not eating breakfast.

I say good morning to the maids and I go to my babies. I have no idea which one I'm driving today, the struggle is real. I can drive the Lambo but I drove that last week. Maybe I'll just ride my motorcycle. Yeah, I'll do that, it's been a few weeks since I rode her.

I go over to the shelf where all my keys and helmets are and pick out the all-black matte helmet with a C on the back. I grab my keys and hop on my bike revving the engine. I open the garage door and back out and drive down my driveway to the secret road that's a mile long, which leads to our gates that has a huge gold D on it to let everyone know it's the Dele's. School is about 30 minutes away so I put on my music and speed in and out of traffic annoying the other drivers.

Once I get to school I park my bike in my normal space and turn off the bike. When I look around all eyes are on me like normal. I take off my helmet and lock it to my bike before I start to walk into school. Once in awhile, I give my famous smile to the ladies and they all jump up and down when they think I'm not looking.

I enter the school and people make way for me as I walk to my locker, before I could reach my locker the office calls me saying they need to speak with me.

What did I do now?

I open the office door and I'm greeted by Mrs. Jan, the principal. She's super nice and a close friend to my family so I wasn't worried when I saw her smiling. She asks me to step into her office.