The bodyguard nodded and stayed still.

We could remain in the vehicle, but the crowd started forcing us to leave the vehicle.

They started hitting the door violently.

The commotion outside soon descended into harsh accusations.

My head was buzzing from all the noise. I started fidgeting restlessly.

I held my hands together tightly, leaving red marks on the back of my hand.

The bodyguard was shocked to see my reaction.

He called Joseph once again. The latter was driving and merely repeated, “No matter what, stay in the car!”

The bodyguard told him, “Mrs. Fuller’s hand is injured. She looks unnaturally pale.”

“Hang in there! I’ll be there soon.” Joseph responded.

By then, I was having difficulty breathing after hearing the crude comments the crowd flung at me.

Someone was yelling, “Scarlett, why are you hiding inside? You’re a loose woman who suffocated your own child to his death. You’ve committed so many crimes. Why are you afraid now?”

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