The girl was stunned after I got changed. “No wonder Ms. Moore said your beauty is out of the world. You look so beautiful just by putting on the dress,” she said with astonishment.

I cast a faint smile upon hearing her compliment. “Thank you!”

Although she was exaggerating, her compliment made me feel good.

Right when we were about to leave the villa, we ran into Ashton who just came home. He was wearing a black, tailor-made suit as usual. He was tall and well-built, exuding a powerful aura wherever he was.

“Why are you home?” He should be busy with his work at this time, especially now that it was near the end of the year. The outbreak of the scandal had affected the stock prices. Although the situation was under control now, there was still a lot to deal with.

He walked toward me and sized me up. His lips curled upward into a bright smile. “You look beautiful.”

He’s not answering my question. I pursed my lips and habitually put my arm around his. “I’m attending Emery and Hunter’s wedding. She wants me to be her bridesmaid.”

Indirectly, I was explaining why I was dressed like that.

He nodded. “Let’s go together then.” He turned to the girl and the two men, who were staring at him with shock. “I’ll go there with my wife. Since you came in your car, kindly see yourself out then.”

The three of them nodded. The short-haired girl couldn’t help but stare at Ashton until one of the two men elbowed her. She then got into the car and lowered her voice as she spoke to the two men, “I thought it’s just baseless rumor. I never thought Ms. Stovall really is Mr. Fuller’s wife.”

After sending them off, I turned to Ashton. “Are you sure you don’t have to go back to the company?” Today’s a weekday and now it’s only afternoon. Why does he…

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