After I talked to her, she went to Jared instead. She was smart, but one would need to be responsible for one’s choice.

She was an arrogant woman, so my reply must’ve been a sharp blow to her. Luckily, the bodyguards stood in her way when she tried to launch herself at me while hurling harsh curses.

Quickly, I stepped into the elevator and watched her emotional figure disappearing behind closed doors. I pity her for loving someone she could never get.

When I arrived at Hannah’s ward, she was lying in bed, pale and exhausted. Upon seeing me, she forced out a faint smile.

My heart ached at the sight. “Do you feel better?” I wasn’t good at comforting others.

She nodded and tapped on the chair beside her. “I feel much better now,” she croaked out. “The anesthetic shot had worn off, so it hurts.”

I took her hand. Before giving birth, the doctor would inject the anesthesia right at the spinal cord. The expecting mother would feel nothing throughout the whole process, but after the anesthesia wears off, the pain would be excruciating.

I knew how that felt.

I rubbed her cold hands, trying to provide some warmth. “Have you eaten something?”

She nodded slowly. Perhaps touched by my action, her eyes turned red. “The doctor told me to drink some soup. I had some earlier.”

I struggled internally for some time before asking, “How is your child doing?”

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