I was utterly flustered. “Wait a minute. Tell me what’s going on, and we’ll talk about it.”

I kept my cool.

She followed up with a sneer. “The money you channeled to Marcus for extra cash flow was HiTech’s earnings throughout these years. Has it come to your mind that this illegal loan would crush him? If the media disclosed this, White Corporation’s stocks would plummet and pulverize the White family. You are one cold-blooded cunning b*tch, Scarlett.”

“Illegal loan?” I didn’t get it.

HiTech’s profits had always been under my account, but I’d never used it. If it weren’t for Marcus, it would’ve remained as it was.

“The money loaned was all legal earnings. How on earth would it be illegal?”

“You should ask your husband.” She let out a contemptuous grin. “You couple are so good at playing good cop bad cop and would show no mercy.” Okay, that only made me more flummoxed.

My tongue tied up for a bit but managed to unravel itself eventually. “If this mess was caused by the money I’d loaned, I’ll take full responsibility. Please leave as it’s really late now.”

We were still friends after all. I didn’t think it was nice to be too harsh with my words.

On top of that, it was understandable that her emotions got the best of her since she was currently pregnant.

After seeing her out, I went to Ashton’s study. He was taking a puff on the balcony.

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