Ashton pulled me into his arms and revealed in a husky voice. “For the past four years, I’ve always jolted awake at night alone. Once, I dreamt that you stopped breathing right by my side. After waking up in shock, I drove to J City and circled the city for the night before returning to K City the next day.”

I stiffened in shock. Looking at his features, I felt my heart twisting in pain.

A smile flitted across his lips. “When I ran into you in R Province, I was prepared to spend my entire life there. Remember the first night I spent at your house? I woke up at midnight and sneaked into your bedroom. To confirm you’re still alive, I checked for your breath before leaving.”

Never in my wildest dreams had I expected that Ashton would reveal his deepest and darkest secrets to me one day.

My heart clenched painfully as I struggled to breathe.

After a period of silence, I finally found my voice and uttered softly, “I’m sorry!”

The past four years had salvaged me, but it was a nightmare for him.

I would be lying if I said I’ve never missed him. There were instances where I woke up late at night as his figure and my child’s bloody flesh plagued my dreams. The memories and anguish were too much for me, so I kept everything buried deep down.

Those who suffered from depression wouldn’t have a full recovery, but as long as my mind was clear, I’d protect my loved ones without hesitation.

The scandal remained. After all, the reporters wouldn’t back down as it involved two influential companies. Both Ashton and Marcus were well aware of that fact.

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