Joseph paused for a while but said nothing. He then sent me back to the villa.

Summer was already home by the time I arrived. She gently pulled my hand as she asked, “Mommy, where did you go?”

I hugged her in my arms. “I went to see a friend,” I simply answered.

Recently, I started feeling sluggish again. I was at a loss, unsure about what to do next. My mind was a complete mess.

After I settled Summer down, I headed to the study. After all, I finally watched those videos.

They were taken four years ago when Marcus took me in. My memories of those days were rather vague.

Deep down, I knew Marcus cared about me very much. However, I chose not to remember those details.

I clicked on one of the videos, which was taken in the villa in K City. As soon as it was played, the familiar faces came into sight.

I refused to watch the video after my child was taken away from me. I couldn’t bring myself to face reality.

The video recorded every bit of memories I had with Marcus. He always took care of me and tolerated me with infinite patience.

That was the worst time of my life. I was in agony and constantly broke down in tears. One night, I woke up at midnight and looked around for a knife to take my own life. Marcus was injured when he tried to snatch the knife away from me. I didn’t have a clear picture in my mind, but I knew there was a deep scar on his belly.

After that incident, I couldn’t find any sharp objects in the villa.

It was a long video to watch. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it as I was feeling increasingly guilty by the second. So, I turned it off.

Why must everything be made clear? Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

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