I’ve never touched a cent all over the years.

However, when Fuller Corporation and White Corporation encountered the same problem, I transferred the money to Marcus to return his favor.

He sneered over the phone. “Scarlett, you’re really ruthless.”


I beg to differ. It had been over four years, so I felt uneasy whenever I thought about how I could repay his favor. Back then, he had everything he wanted.

Right now, both companies were in trouble. Ashton had to face some difficulties to resolve the crisis, but it was very likely that he would pull through.

However, White Corporation’s problem was a different matter altogether. It had been a family business all along. Benjamin showed no intention of expanding his business back then.

Now, Marcus was in charge of the company. He had to be of the same influence and height if he were to be Ashton’s rival.

Hence, Marcus spent two years before White Corporation successfully became a listed company. But still, it was nothing compared to Fuller Corporation, which had been doing well all along.

Even though Marcus got a taste of profit from Fuller Corporation a couple of times, after this incident, they were almost on the verge of bankruptcy.

The money was just what Marcus needed to make sure White Corporation stayed afloat in times of trouble.

After hanging up, I felt much more relieved.

There was no way I could fall asleep in broad daylight. But besides sleeping in this bed, there seemed to be nothing else to do.

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