A few children were making snowmen on the street.

Looking at the cheerful smiles on the children’s faces and the silver bell-like laughter, she raised the corners of her mouth.

She was easily infected by beautiful people and things. As if encouraged, she wrapped her scarf and went out the door.

Not far from the group of children, she also built a snowman.

She made two snowmen, one bigger and one smaller.

“Sister, what you built?” A little girl ran up to her, looked at the snowman she built, and asked crisply.

Siena covered her face with a scarf, only revealing a pair of bright eyes. “This is me and my mother-in-law.”

“Oh… the older one is your mother-in-law, and the younger one is you!” the girl continued to ask.

Siena shook her head: “The older one is me, and the younger one is my mother-in-law.”

When her mother-in-law was not sick, she was relatively thin. After being sick, she became thinner and smaller.

was a child, she felt that her mother-in-law was like a big tree, tall and strong, which gave her a full sense of security. But then she

her mother-in-law gets older day by day,

that her mother-in-law didn’t wait until the day when

At 6:30 p.m.

a layer of cold

dinner, Siena quietly

building door was

weather, few people opened their doors at

and opened the courtyard door

to the window of the bedroom on the first floor and


open and trotted over

closed. No one saw me coming.” Siena put the dinner she

and she felt hot as

that you can have an extra meal tomorrow.” Siena took the lunch box out of the bag, “I see that you like to eat mutton cakes and Mutton soup, so I bought it again today. That store’s business is very good, and when I went there, there was

to the dining chair and sat

immediately put the mutton pie and mutton soup

the refrigerator.” Siena took the

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