Chapter 30 

Friday, afternoon.

“Madam, Master Elliot will be back tonight. You should come back too!”

Avery had been living at her mom’s place ever since Elliot forced her to have an abortion.

“Alright. It’s time that I end things between me and him.” Avery hung up and went to Elliot’s mansion.

It was seven in the evening.

Elliot’s plane landed at the airport.

He hopped into a black Rolls-Roice with the escort of his bodyguards.

Once he was seated, he realized that Chelsea was in there.

“Elliot, how’s my new hairstyle?” Chelsea wore a pink puffy dress. She tucked her hair behind her ear and seductively smiled at him.

Chelsea wanted to surprise him in the car.

Elliot quickly glanced at Chelsea and was no longer calm.

his face was as cold

noticed that. She

is it because this dress is ugly…?” Chelsea was

Elliot slapped her harshly!

body flung towards the

Elliot clenched his fist and spat


car. She held her stinging cheek as she tasted blood from the corner

She was confused.

Utterly confused.

been with Elliot for ten years. Elliot was never that angry with her during those ten

Avery Tate!

That was her idea!

to dress like this, and to have a hime haircut! Avery wants to piss you off. It’s not my fault!” Chelsea cried and grabbed onto Elliot’s arm. She tried to explain with tears in

bodyguards returned


in her

was he offended by the hairstyle and the puffy

could not figure it

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