Chapter 19
It was Sunday, and Avery did not get out of bed until it was ten thirty in the morning.

It was the first time she had slept in at Elliot’s house.

When she walked out of the room, the group of men in the living room shifted their gaze toward her.

Avery was dressed in a loose nightgown with her disheveled hair falling to her shoulders, framing her clean, spotless face.

She did not expect Elliot to have guests that day.

Elliot and his guests stared sternly at her as if they did not expect her to suddenly appear.

Something snapped in Avery’s head.

When she realized the awkward situation she was in, she instantly turned around and made her way back to her room.

At that moment, Mrs. Cooper walked over and pulled her in the direction of the dining room.

“You must be hungry, Madam. You were sleeping soundly when I went to your room earlier, so I didn’t wake you.”

“Those people… Who are they?” Avery stammered.

“They’re friends of Master Elliot. They came to visit him. Don’t worry. It’s fine even if you don’t greet them,” answered Mrs. Cooper.

“Okay,” Avery responded.

She did not even greet Elliot when she saw him, why would she greet his friends?

If she had known that he was having guests over, however, she would have woken early and spent the whole day out.

Elliot’s friends in the living room were very interested in Avery.

“Elliot, why’s that young girl staying with you? Is she a caretaker? Or maybe…”

“We’re all adults here. Elliot is a man, after all. It’s normal to have a young lady in his house! Ha ha!”

When Elliot did not respond, everyone shut their mouths and dropped the subject.

“Do you guys know Avery Tate from Tate Industries? They say she’s Jack Tate’s daughter—”

“I know. She called me Friday night asking for an investment, but I hung up before she could finish talking.”

“She really is something. What does her father’s debt have to do with her? She must be insane for jumping into this mess!”

“Young people are reckless like that! I looked into their new product, but it’s a total bust! A self-driving system might sound cool, but the conditions are complicated and uncontrollable. Whoever invests in it would be an idiot!”


dining room, Avery listened to the discussion in the living room

done with breakfast, she took her laptop and went to a nearby cafe

the moment, she had limited abilities. She needed to focus on

a new email around four in the

on the table after reading its contents and then read the email once

was signed ‘Mr.

Tate Industries’ new product. He wanted to learn more about it and

was filled

this person apart from the

working with Tate Industries, he could have just set up

consideration, Avery replied

this a new


quite the sense of humor, Miss Tate. Here’s proof of

file attached

Avery opened the file, her

was a screenshot of a bank account showing he had close to

image and did the calculations in

heart raced. Her hands

this going overboard? Who would have two

for you to believe me? How about you send over your bank account number, and I’ll bank in a deposit of intent of cooperation

you need is a bank account number to steal all of

respond to Avery’s last

sent him

was an account that could only receive funds, so it did not matter


transfer notification

Mr. Z

Avery was

Did this Mr. Z really send you eight hundred

showed her phone screen to Shaun and said,

Shaun was ecstatic.

he from? You should set an appointment with him and

had an uneasy expression on her face as she said, “All he gave me was an address and asked me to meet him

great! Send the address to me, too.

“Okay,” Avery responded.

put the issue of Tate Industries’ impending

she could not help but wonder about the identity of Mr. Z, and where he came

eight hundred thousand dollars, and he had never even met her. Did he have too much money on his hands, or was he

it was, Avery thought it

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