Chapter 26 

Kill him?

Avery frowned. Although she hated Elliot, she never thought of killing him.

Even if the child in her belly was now gone, it was impossible for her to have this thought.

Besides, could she really kill him?

Seeing that Avery was hesitating, Cole said, “My uncle is on a business trip now. You go back and think about it. Avery, as long as you can kill Elliot, I can marry you right away. I will give you whatever you want. I have told my parents about us and they are very supportive.”

Cole’s attitude was sincere and his eyes were earnest.

When she was in love with him previously, she had always wanted to be recognized by his parents.

However, he had been reluctant to disclose their relationship.

no longer needed the approval

him, do you think he will keep me alive? Cole, you were a coward before, and now you’re just the same. If you want to kill him, you do it yourself. If you can’t bear the consequences of the failure, then don’t do such illegal

He did

to poison him, and there won’t be any trouble in the future. M y grandma will definitely collapse, and

it’s so safe, why don’t you do it yourself?! He will return to the old house once

he’s back

Cole was stunned.

you’ve been beaten enough.” Avery looked at him and said bluntly, “Elliot is your uncle. How could


lawyer when he was sick and he found out later that he punished you?” Avery said,

got up and

Cole pleaded. “Now our family relationship

the hint of

poison your uncle?” Avery

won’t necessarily poison him. I may think of other

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