Chapter 941

Chelsea sneered in despair. “I know. As of now, I can only let myself be hit and I can’t fight back. If I did, everything I have left now will be taken away by you.”
Chelsea’s words jolted Tammy’s memory. With Elliot and Jun lending their support for her, she was never going to let Chelsea off the hook!
She rushed up to Chelsea and gave her such a fast, tight slap that Chelsea did not even have the time to cover her ears! The slap caused Chelsea’s mask to fall off.
“You’re a maggot, Chelsea! You don’t want anyone to see your face, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do! You’ve got it coming for you! You’ll die the most miserable of deaths!” Tammy’s anger did not seem to decrease one bit and she raised her hand once more to vent out all the rage that she had in her.
Elliot watched coldly at one side without interfering. Jun held Tammy in his arms and turned her around. “Tammy! We’re in a police station! You can’t beat her up here! She’ll get her punishment for sure! And besides, if anyone’s getting their revenge on her, it should be me! Can you please listen to me?!”

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