We Are Meant To Be

We Are Meant To Be

Authors:Surrogacy Girl
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Chapter 287 Catch Her In The Act

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She smiled faintly in response, "I agree, so we'd better keep the silence." Christy replied as she walked to the window and took a fancy to it.

But those women followed her and babbled in her ears seriously and solemnly. "We just looked prominently at your conditions, and we don't want you to keep faking this out. We want you to be wealthy, and then we can be friends as well."

Their words just now also made sense, but Christy did not believe that there is a free pass in this world, and of course, she was also aware of her conditions.

She chuckled and thanked them, "Thank you in advance, but I am not a good person, and only getting in the way, you can now mind your own business." Then she walked to a farther position to show that she refused to chat with them.

They looked at Christy with a firm attitude, then looked at each other and said sarcastically. "That was so ignorant, but whatever if you want it or not, your body is trash, and you wished to be James's girlfriend? Just leave him soon. If not, there is always someone who will be rude to you."

This was their real purpose. Christy didn't put so much thought into it, but she sensed things were not as puzzling as they were before. Therefore she was relieved and went farther aside.

However, their accusation against Christy did not end there. They talked in a voice that was loud enough for her to hear, "Such a woman is the most shameless. To achieve her own goals, she's willing to do anything."

"Indeed, this woman is like a dogskin plaster that you can't even throw off even if you want to."

"She's so pathetic. Sister, it's been a long time since I met such a woman."

They knew that Christy could only stay with James for a short period. Now that they come here, they just wanted her to make some mistakes and left him as soon as possible.

After she heard their words, Christy felt sorrowful.

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We Are Meant To Be

We Are Meant To Be

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