Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 25: Noah's Past

Noah is a young master and a heir in the B- group household, he grew up in luxury, his family spoiled him as he was the heir of the B- group al though his cousins disagree to him being the heir his father prove their whole family that Noah is just right to sit as the head of the family in exchange to him, and his father convinced the whole family and they all agree, growing up in his father's way, he was often scolded for every little mistake he'll make, even the tiny bit mistake is caught by his father's strict eyes, due to this at his young age he had the intelligence of a older person, he is also trained with manners, intelligence, household chores knowledge, business knowledge, and he had the hunger to aim for the top.

His cousins of his generation still disagree to him al though he was already trained and is ready at a young age, in some of the gatherings, there he met kids of his age who is a heir like him, but what he wanted to be close with is Aviana, not because he likes her but because he want to marry her to be inside the golden group family and be the head of it, but even before he get to talk with her he was drag by his father to talk with many of his business partners.

Everything was planned in his mind, until the disaster came, vampires starts leading the world, his family was invaded inside their main house Rehan's father's employees were about to grab him when his cousins didn't let them, at first he thought it was to save him but then his cousins puts him to the low people carriage and was headed to the dirty auction.

0% of blood, he hear

man still leaves despite being in an old age, "They said my blood won't taste good so they will not extract me for now, but will when a customer pay low price.", the old man said and Noah nodded, him not noticing a tear escaping his eyes, "I'll be extracted soon, me being the only rare blood here will surely be sold in a high price.", Noah said and the old man pats his back, "I miss my family.", Noah utters as the old man rustles on his bag that he always hug to himself, "Here, use this in the needed time.", the man said handling Noah a small black bottle, "What is this?", Noah asks, "A poison, it is still fresh till 30 more years, I am a medicine scientist in the low born village,

the office, he was confuse on why bring him in the office instead of directly extracting him in the

price.", the vampire said to Noah making him nod as he wanted to leave the dark place,

as soon as he knew that he was the boss of the V mafia the organization that leads the vampires, and to accomplish his plans, he have to show Kenji

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