Vampire's Obsession

Chapter 24: Failed Deal

It has been 2 days since Rehan and Noah had a deal, and the deadline Rehan gave already passed, another letter was sent to Noah, the letter contains; "Noah, my deadline is finish, why haven't I receive a news about my friend's death? The whole vampire community should already be panicking, and since you haven't done what I asked you to, the other way around will happen, be ready. -Rehan", Noah read the letter that was sent to him by the same employee of Rehan.

Noah sighed as he heads to go to the office of the boss, "What a shocking thing, you don't like reporting things to me.", Kenji teases as he smirks, Noah kept his head lowered, "Rehan's coming to kill me and get Aviana.", he said and Kenji would only chuckle, "Don't worry about it, as if I'll be frighten by that, no one's killing my servant and no one's getting my queen.", Kenji said as he sips from his wine glass, Noah clenches his jaw as he nodded and heads out of Kenji's office, he ripped of the letter before throwing it in a trash bin, "Your queen huh?", Noah mutters as he walks away heading to the girl of their conversation.

you like the most about Noah?", Brea asks, "He was so caring and kind, of course cute.", Aviana

two girls talked about, Aviana was startled, "N-nothing!", she said as she stutters, Brea then giggles, "Yes it was none of your business.", she said and Aviana smiles, "L-let's uhm, continue working!", she said as she moves a little distant thinking Noah might have

But of course I won't", Aviana said as she finally faces him, "Whatever happens?", Noah asks again, and the girl nodded her head, "How are you so sure?", Noah asks another question making the girl giggles, "I am sure because all I know is that you are the first guy I am okay with and I want to be with all the time.", Aviana said with a smile fluttering Noah's heart as he smiles back patting the girl's head, "You sound bothered, is there something wrong?", Aviana asks holding the boy's hand that was on her head, "Everything is wrong, but it'll be fine soon and we'll live normally again.", Noah said tightening the grip on

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